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I woke up this morning hearing that Nigerians are celebrating their 60th Independence Anniversary and I ask myself, as the presumed gaint of Africa with abundant Natural and human resources in abundance, what has Nigeria achieved at 60 to celebrate ?

In retrospect, I came to the conclusion that Nigeria is near doom if something urgent is not done to salvage the ugly situation.

A country of over 205 million people and about 250 ethnic groups, is bedeviled with bad leadership, corruption, nepotism, fraud, crime and criminality in high and low places.

Looking forward, a nation with vibrant youth population can project positive socioeconomic growth and development index if and only if Nigeria youths will participate actively in the leadership question.
Only recently, over 900 million Nigerian youths voted through a technology inspired networking for Big Brother Naija Reality TV show tagged Bbnaija Lockdown Season 5 and a winner emerged on merit. Same energy can be replicated in our electoral system to engineer pragmatic leadership and good governance.

Nigeria can be better if nation's electoral empire, the Independence National Electoral Commission, INEC, will purge itself of corruption, self deciet and sharp practices to be patriotic and independent in our electoral processes.

Nigeria will be a great Nation if the National and State Assemblies will serve the interest of the peoples, than that of themselves, their Party, President and Governors.

Nigeria will be a great Nation if Nigeria Police, Army, DSS, Navy, Custom, and other sister agencies will shun corruption, nepotism, unethical practices and carry out their primary responsibilities of protecting life, properties and territorial boundaries.

Our country Nigeria will be truly democratic and independent if Political party players, chieftains, sponsors and supporters represent true virtues of democracy with principles based on ideology and services.

Nigeria will be called great if Civil Society Organizations, Labour Unions, Student Union Governments will focus more on social reawakening, reorientation, sensitization and advocacy rather than focus on money, bribery and corruption.

Nigeria will attain its giant of Africa status if our youths take the path of creativity, productivity, patriotism and networking for growth and social development, rather than engage in fraudulent activities, thuggery, crime and criminalites.

Our country can truly be independene when elected officials start thinking, planning and implementing policies, programmes and projects for nation's growth and development rather than engaging in criminal heist of nation's natural resources for themselves and family alone, and stacking nation's wealth in their criminal hideout abroad.

Nigeria will not witness growth until religious institutions and their leaders stop their shameful business bonanza in the nation of prayer house , evangelism and ministration and embrace the true service to God and humanity, which is built on uprightness, honesty and self discovery.

Not until then, I, IfeanyiCy Njoku, who hails from Umunakanu in Ehime-mbano LGA of Imo State has refused to celebrate Nigeria at 60.

Let's continue to ask ourselves question of rediscovery as a nation.

IfeanyiCy Njoku is Executive Director, Centre for Youth Development and Peace Initiative


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