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TStv Africa

By Awurum Darlington

Person wey de live for Oshodi no fit settle matter wey happen for Babana Island.
In several countries of the world, Ndi Chinko runs the highest global fraud syndicates. But that chinko who is a billionaire by fraud may never put on gold bracelets and chains, nor wear expensive cloths or show expensive cars online. The only place you will know they are billionaires is when you meet them eating at the eateries.
Unfortunately, while America and UAE are to an extent silent and secretly harvesting information and trail on Hushpuppi’s links and investigating him and his associates, Nigerians are the ones giving the whole thing media publicity and online trials for, and against, with all sorts of concocted stories of disappearing in custody and reappearing again.
Some are even defending him citing how Europeans and Americans are thieves who stole from Africa bla bla bla. We know those stealing from us nah, they live with us and we haven’t done them anything.
Some are even openly praising Hushpuppi for reasons I don’t understand.
Can we just allow America do what they know how best to do than to continue indicting ourselves? Every path or part you take on any issue of international interest on this platform, is recorded for you and may hunt you tomorrow.
The gospel truth is, no Nigerian is free from i’ll gotten wealth, because it affects all of us one way or another being products of a lawless, corrupt and decayed institutions. Everything is unclean here.
If you are getting from a Nigerian politician, you are a partaker in his fraudulent profits against the country. Even some pastors manipulate their sheeple and extort them hugely. Many businessmen with recognised means of livelihood, travels to China to demand substandard and subsidised products and still sell at exorbitant prices. It is fraud.
That woman selling garri at Nkwo Orji will swear with her ancestors that she bought N2,000 a pint and only selling with N50 profit, meanwhile she is making N400 profit per pint. It is fraud.
A pms attendant still adjust the metre after the boss must have ordered poorly refined products or condensate. It is fraud.
But in all these, the activities of Hushpuppi puts all of us at global diplomatic and economic risk. Get that into your dilapidated brain and decaying skull. These bursted fraudulent activities aren’t any good to any of us. Leave sentiments aside.
Without social media enthusiasm, no one would have bursted Hushpuppi and his crew. Why couldn’t he go underground and eat his money?
Being proud and loud with ill gotten wealth just to chase online clout in a platform owned by those who have your information from birth and your day to day activities; where you sleep, where you eat, your location 24/7 as long as you are online, read your private messages if they wish, is very stupid!!
There are many fraudsters far richer than Hushpuppi who has played for over 2 decades and still balling successfully invincible till date.
You no get handiwork you de spray dollars on camera, de buy Gucci and expensive cars still dey show posh houses online, you no get brain??
Biko, make we leave this matter.
Person wey de live for Oshodi no fit settle matter wey de happen for Babana Island.


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