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Member representing Mbaike in the Federal House of Representatives, Hon Henry Nwawuba wrote :

My attention has been drawn to a screaming headline in a local publication called “ Nigerian news guide” with the caption “ Nwawuba set to dump PDP for APC”.  The story follows with a rider “ insist he must return to Reps to emerge Speaker. “ You are only dreaming - Ikeduru Elders.

My initial reaction was to ignore the spurious and infantile allegation but I have been forced to respond in order to clear the doubts that the mischievous publication is meant to sow.

In order to set the records straight, I , Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba , member of the House of Representatives representing Mbatoili/ Ikeduru Federal Constituency on the platform of our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party  (PDP), hereby categorically state as follows: 

1. That the publication alleging that I have plans to exit the PDP, a Party that has twice given me the opportunity to serve the people of Mbaike at the highest level is not only false in its entirety, but also a figment of the imagination of the authors of this news.

2.  In all of my life, I have remained consistent to principles and I have never wavered or sought the easy way out of any situation . I have remained and shall remain a stalwart of the PDP even if I become the last man standing.  Even in the  challenging time of the Supreme Court's withdrawal of our mandate, I have remained totally loyal to the leaders and structures of our Party in Imo State. I have borne the responsibilities of keeping the party alive and well in our constituency with pride. Only a foolish child will trade off his inheritance in his father’s house to go and be a tenant elsewhere.

3. It was heartbreaking to me to see those elected on our platform , especially members of the Imo State House of Assembly dump our party in droves after the unfortunate Supreme Court ruling. Such little faith is regrettable and should have no place in our politics. I wish to make it clear that from my upbringing , I am made of a sterner stuff and shall never be tempted into compromising my pedigree as such.

4. More worrisome for me is the attempt by the originators of the fake news to sow a seed of discord among the harmonious people of Mbatoili and Ikeduru over fears of an election that is still three years away.  The people of Mbaike are united in the quest to enjoy the highest quality of representation which I am currently championing and we must not allow divisive agents to make us take our eyes off the ball.  The decision on who represents us in 2023 rests squarely with the people of the constituency and not idle permutations from mischievous elements. We have a tradition of justice , equity and fairness among the people of Mbaike, and I have confidence that this shall guide us in choosing a representative when the time comes.

5. As a bonafide son of Mbaike , I shall not be drawn into a conflict with respected elders of this great constituency . I am privileged to have enjoyed the wise counsel of distinguished elders and accomplished statesmen from Mbatoili and Ikeduru. I shall continue to seek their guidance at all times. To attempt to drive a wedge between me and them over an imaginary agenda is to say the least uncharitable.

5. Finally, and to make it abundantly clear, I have never for a second, entertained the thought to dump the PDP for any other party. I remain a faithful member of the PDP and will remain here to nurture it to the desired level where we shall regain our pride of place as the party of choice.

Long Live  Mbaike Federal Constituency ,
Long Live Imo State
Long Live the Peoples Democratic Party
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba
Member of the House of Reps
Mbaitoli /Ikeduru  Federal Constituency.

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