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Friday, April 24, marks the 100th day our God-sent Governor has been at the helm of affairs of our noble state, Imo. First and foremost, we acknowledge God for the resounding victory He bestowed on His servant, the Executive Governor at the Supreme Court. Indeed, power and authority belong to God. With that landmark verdict, His Excellency swung into action in a swift manner in a bid to restore the lost glory of the State mindful of his 3R mantra which is anchored on Reconstruction, Recovery and Rehabilitation.

Although, these 100 days have come with a lot of political turbulences, simmering tensions and unforeseen circumstances, yet, His Excellency has been able to weather the storms with a calm but cheerful disposition. In the face of many orchestrated distractions, His Excellency has remained resolute and undeterred in the vision of making Imo the primus inter pares (first among her equals).

Thus, Within the shortest timeframe, His Excellency has taken a giant stride forward towards a redefinition of governance. In the first place, this administration has shown its committedness in the area of continuity. His Excellency has made payment to all contractors handling construction works awarded by the immediate past administration. Currently, massive road constructions are ongoing around the state: MCC, Control to World Bank and Umuguma, Akwaakuma to Onitsha Road, Naze to Road Safety and Uratta, Opara Anozie street, Naze to FUTO to mention but a view. On a similar note, His Excellency has ordered a massive rehabilitation of failed strategic portions of Concord Avenue, New Owerri, Orlu Road, Bank Road, Wethedral, Opara Avenue and a host of others.

Additionally, the Governor has further ensured prompt payment of salaries to civil servants. He has also reinstated the civil servants who were unjustly relieved of their duty by the previous administration.

To enthrone accountability, this administration embarked upon the correction of the irregularities in the pension system and the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). This has immensely contributed to the unprecedented increase in the IGR of the state. This administration has also unmasked a ghost working syndicate which has ripped off the state in the past. By so doing, His Excellency has succeeded in closing off leakages of the state resources. Similarly, this administration has taken bold steps in the recovery of both the state and LGA funds looted by the previous administrations.

Furthermore, faced with the challenges posed by COVID-19 Pandemic, His Excellency has proven himself as a leader who is capable of safeguarding the lives and providing for the social welfare of his subjects. His Excellency believes in the sacredness of human life. In his words, “Ndu bu isi (life is paramount). For this reason, he has put extra measures in place in order to curb the adverse effect of this Pandemic. As part of his relentless efforts to contain this malady, he quickly constituted a rapid response team. The state was equally fumigated in the safest manner possible. Afterwards, he established a World-class Isolation Centre within the shortest period of time, citing that his vision for the healthcare excludes no one, be they poor, rich, young, old. All have equal rights. His Excellency understands that the means through which he can realize his lofty ambition of “shared prosperity” is only when Imo citizens are in robust good health. For him, “Health is wealth.” His urgent steps and strict adherence to the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization and the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control has saved lives and as a result, Imo Sate has not even recorded a single COVID-19 case. Relying on the grace of God, we know that we shall remain secure. 

Moreover, to checkmate the economic hardship occasioned by the precautionary lockdown, His Excellency has sought for ways to alleviate the burdens of the Imolites. Sequel to this, His Excellency made procurement of certain essential commodities as palliative measures to cushion the effects of COVID-19 in the state. Up to the present moment, these stuffs have been dispatched to all the 27 LGAs for onward distribution to the Imolites in full compliance to the objectives of the Governor.

On another positive note, His Excellency has broken the jaws of criminality, insecurity and other social vices in the State with his unprecedented moral and financial support to the security agencies. Upon the ascendance of His Excellency to the governance of the state, he speedily gifted the various security outfits in the state with vehicle to ensure prompt response to criminal activities.

Likewise, His Excellency has revived Imo Adapalm, and restored public water supply. The list of the achievements of this fresh administration goes on and on.
Ndi Imo, in the words of Paul, the Apostle of Christ, “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable … is worthy of praise” (Phil 4:8).

Therefore, I appeal to all Imolites to rally around His Excellency in his resolve to rebuild and prosper Imo. Together let us reaffirm our unwavering and total support to the satisfactory programs and activities of Governor Hope Uzodinma. His developmental efforts and initiatives are meaningful, monumental and sustainable. Let us therefore shun all those miscreants, and fake online jobbers who glory in fabricating and disseminating fake news about this administration.

We remain totally grateful to God for hearing our prayers by sending us a Governor after his own heart who in these 100 days has shown that he is truly the Hope for which Imolites had yearned for. Ndi Imo, God looked so favourably on us and raised for us a Governor who has shown that he is capable and competent for the job.

Consequently, I cease this medium to commend Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodinma for his proven leadership skills which shine out in the pragmatism, courage and most importantly, prudence and transparency which he has demonstrated since the inception of his office.

I therefore, felicitate with the Governor as he marks his 100 days in office. I reassure him of my unflinching confidence in his administration, and reiterate my commitment to his guiding vision which is predicated on Reconstruction, Recovery and Rehabilitation. I urge him to remain focused and undaunted.

Hon Engr. Francis Chukwu
Special Adviser to the Governor


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