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In life, people are more interested in the impact one makes on the lives of others and not neccesarily how wealthy one is. In the same vein, posterity will always be fair to only those who left the society better than they met it through good deeds cum impactful dispositions.
In truism, when someone has done so well uncompelled and made age long positive contributions on all spheres of human endearvours, it is not out of place to describe him as a generation icon.
Dr. Uzoma Obiyo is a household name across human vicinities. Today, his impactful contributions, philanthropic disposition, leadership dexterity and mentorship records all speak volume of him. He is one man so loved by God and in the hearts of million men.
Equate him as an Evangelist, his laudable achievements and exemplary life has won so many souls for God and uplifted human society for good. In today's world person like the Ikeduru in Imo State born renowned industrialist, entrepreneur, business mogul, development expert and head of corporate merchandising is rare to come by.
He is a detribalized Nigerian, a role model, people oriented personality, a goal gettter, charismatic leader, encyclopedia of business ideas, an innovator cum inventor, and a successful billionaire sitting on chains of business conglomerate.
Also, Dr. Obiyo is a patriot who has encouraged government with good visions, supported many political leaders of note as well as contributed immensely to political development in driving good governance.

He is the Chairman of Imo State Coalition For Good Governance and has conspicuously identified with progressive ideas and governments across the country and beyond through financial supports, genuine advices and persuasion for delivering of democratic dividends.
It is already in the history that Dr. Obiyo played significant role in the formation and success of political groups in Imo State. He is one man whose political ingenuity helped to shape political fortune of the state especially during the 2019 general elections in the state.

He was also in forefront of Owerri renaissance, christianed, “Imo Equity Movement”. A group determined to ensure that political power rotates amongst the three geopolitical zones in the state.

In the business feild, Dr. Obiyo is the Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director of Multinet Group Limited, a parent corporation to these subsidiaries; One Nation Energy Platform Limited, Multinet Systems Limited, Samanny Infotech Services Limited, Bill Network Services Limited, Double Edge Surveillance Systems Limited, and Kasteel Properties Limited.
From the records available, Multinet Group Limited (Africa’s largest ICT distribution company) provides expertise in Information and Communication Technology, Front End Engineering/Conceptual Design for Oil & Gas Plants, Energy & Power, Civil & Industrial Engineering, Procurement and Management Services.
Its affiliate - Multinet Systems Limited, a major player in the aspect of distribution services in ICT, has other subsidiaries of which are Samanny Infotech Services Limited with a lucrative management franchise with MTN Nigeria Communications Limited.
Multi-net Group Ltd is also a leading investment holding company based in Abuja, Nigeria. With over 30 years high-level experience and investment success in several companies.
Multinet Group is poised to be one of the leading names not only in Nigeria but also in West Africa. The group utilizes the experience and expertise of a dynamic team of multi- disciplined professionals- all experts in their field to monitor and operate the regional interests of the company.
Also, with efficient and motivated staff, the business has massively grown in leaps and bounds, with branches in major cities across Nigeria. It has also diversified with major investments in real estates, which led to the incorporation of Kasteel Properties Limited.
The group posited on its website, "We are driven by our passion to provide pioneering business solutions for our clients. At Multinet Group, our focus is on sustainable solutions ensuring that our company is relevant in tomorrow’s African Markets. We believe in the power of collaboration in order to provide cost effective products at the highest imaginable quality to our clients.
"The idea of being responsible to society has actually been embedded in the ethics of Multinet Group’s business. The Group believes that no business is worth its salt unless it contributes to the uplifting of the society in which it operates."

Equally, for his humane nature, Dr. Obiyo established Samuel - Mary & Dame Emily Obiyo Foundation, a tribute to his late mother, with the sole aim to reach out to the poor on their needs, empower the youths and uplift human society.
From all I know, "the Foundation is an independent private Nigerian philanthropic organisation committed to improving the quality of life for the disadvantaged Nigerian youths, by creating intervention schemes and supporting interventions implemented by other government and private organizations working in Nigeria."
The foundation has over time works relentlessly for the welfare of local communities in areas of its operations as well as provided healthcare and educational facilities to boast social development.
The foundation with the vision, "to create a platform and safe environment to empower youths giving them access to education and mentorship creating a progressive safe haven for educational development", has equally extended her selfless and commendable services to building bridges across grass root levels, churches, among others.

Without much ado, come 10th November, 2019, the world all over would once more celebrate the birthday anniversary of a man so loved by many, my boss and role model.

So, on behalf of my beloved family, Centre for Youth Development and Peace Initiative and Ifeanyi CY Media Centre, I felicitate with him on this auspicious day of his life and we pray God to afford him more grace, favours and wisdom to continue to excel in life.

Congratulations in advance Sir.

Ifeanyi CY Njoku
CEO/MD Ifeanyi CY Media Center
Blogger/Social Media Influencer

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