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TStv Africa

I am very confident that soon, Imo state would be the envy of all States in Nigeria, not just via entertainment but in all the mountains of the life.
With the creativities we have already, I have no doubt, in no due time, Imo state would be that number one preferred state for settlement.

We have guts, though not enough at the moment, but we're currently pushing for that guts that brings about glory. We're not relenting anymore, this is a season of fixing.
Therefore, we must fix our fears, fear of the unknown, inferiority complex, fear of the land,  and every fearful factor existing in our hearts, it is our state, we must live to the task and uphold her to be number one in Nigeria.

Therefore I tell you, be prepared to take your place in this city because there comes a mighty move, only your talent/profession/creativity and how consistent you are with it will save you. I know I might be speaking in parables but if you pay attention, you'll get what I'm saying. First of all, Love this state wholeheartedly enough to believe that the land holds more better increase, blessing, favour, prosperity and fruitfulness for us all. Don't speak bad of the land you're feeding from.
Get ready for our conference this year.


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