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The former Imo State Governor, Sir Ikedi Ohakim and Chairman Imo Sanitation and Clean Up Exercise, today led a high powered team of Security Chiefs, top Imo State Government appointees and ENTRACO officials to monitor the Friday Pre-Cleaning Exercise for all Imo markets, government ministries, parastatals and agencies in preparation for tomorrow's Saturday July 27 cleanup exercise proper.

The action is in tune with the task to keep Imo clean challenge entrusted in him by Imo Chief executive, His Excellency, Hon Emeka Ihedioha when he appointed him as Chairman, Imo Sanitation and Environmental Clean Exercise Committee.

Writing on his Facebook handle, United Nations ambassador of clean environment, Dr Ikedi Ohakim stated:

"Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness. You cannot expect God to respond to you when you live in a dirty environment. How can you expect a miracle when your environment is not favourable for prospective business partnerships?

Today we went around to our markets and government offices and I was impressed by the turnout and response of our people to the pre-cleanup exercise. Indeed, today showed that Imo people have an inborn desire to be clean.

I want to commend our businessmen and women, our civil servants for their compliance in the desire of the Governor Emeka Ihedioha administration to reclaim our environment from decay.

If you ask me, the Governor has demonstrated his love for his people by taking the bull by the horn in the issue of environmental sanitation. Let me ask you, would your enemy be bothered if your environment is dirty? It is only a man who cares for you that would be bothered about your environment and the health hazards you can be exposed to by staying in a dirty environment. Gov Emeka Ihedioha has just proven to you without a shred of doubt that your well being comes first and that is why you see me today expending my time and resources to help ensure his vision for a Clean and Healthy Imo is achieved.

Tomorrow is the Clean-up proper and we look forward to seeing you joining hands with us to clean your surroundings. Please, everybody is advised to stay at home and keep his or her surrounding clean while we evacuate the refuse generated today and those that would be generated tomorrow. I would not want to have any one of you detained and made to work past the Clean-up period because you decided to undermine the general health and well-being of Ndi Imo. That business that cannot wait till after the cleanup will not make you a billionaire but can cause you and your family to waste the little you make from it buying drugs because of a dirty environment.

Once again, I thank the Executive Governor of Imo State Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha for the opportunity given me to selflessly serve my people. I thank the Imo Sanitation Planning Sensitization and Impementation Committee ImoSPIC for their selflessly service to the good people of Imo State and I thank you Ndi Oma Ndi Imo for your support for this people oriented Government. With your support and encouragement, this Government will not fail you. God bless you the good people of Imo State."


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