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To build fortune, many of the world’s most successful businessmen used all the opportunities life gave them and attained their billionaire status by building everything from nothing. In Nigeria, there are lots of billionaires who were able to build their businesses from scratch with not wealthy but very poor beginnings. The stories of success of those rich Nigeria young entrepreneurs have given hope to thousands of young and determined Africans.

Everybody can become a millionaire or multi-millionaire, but it depends on what he or she is ready to do for achieving his goal.

Mr John Ezeobi, from Anambra State was born in the family of Ezeobi on the 11th day of march, 1984 (35 years). Like every other Igbo man, he went into business apprenticeship and after the duration of his learning, he started a startup sales of electric wires and accessories with the poor sum of one thousand three hundred and fifty naira (N1, 350) in 2006.

The young Ezeobi who was determined to make it in life, pursued his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. John Ezeobi
believes that if opportunity knocks, he will grab it and build on it. He in a private interaction told IfeanyiCy Blog how he grew his business to today's successes, and he said :

“It was a business on the side, nothing serious, but I loved the fact that I was making money and I was becoming a bit independent. The very foundation of the little success I’ve achieved was formed during those years. I learned about profit and loss, about margins, about marketing and hiring the right people – I learned so many things at that stage”.

John Ezeobi started as an entrepreneur at the tender age. He started going to his small shop to make ends meet, but later he became a founder and chairman of ZOBIS ELECTRICAL WIRES AND CABLES NIGERIA LIMITED. The fastest growing electrical manufacturing and energy companies in Nigeria.

Zobis wires and cables is manufactured in Nigeria with 100% copper, the best indigenous cable manufacturer in Nigeria, strong, durable and reliable, tested and trusted.

Zobis electrical cables and wires are well processed to bring out that spark in every home. A low price quality products, light & heat resistant. The company founded by John Ezeobi has 150 Nigerians working as staff strength, creating job opportunities for Nigerian citizens while placing more attention to market and peoples as very important is the business growth.

It's good news to note that the small business in retailership has grown from the initial capital of N1,350 to her today capital base of six billion naira (N6, 000 000 000.00).

As it is widely known, a lack of electricity is one of the most important questions on the agenda of Nigeria nation. As for Nigeria, its electric power grid meets only 10% of the population’s electricity needs. The problem is that the lack of electricity makes a negative impact on most companies, government agencies and wealthy families that depend on electrical generators.

John, the founder and CEO of Zobis Electrical Wires and Cables realised that this was a new business opportunity that was knocking his door, so he decided to answer. He founded his company , to help Nigeria meet quality services in electrical wires and energy crisis. This little start-up was transformed into a big conglomerate, with a capital strength of six billion in the year 2019.

This story sounds like John Ezeobi was just lucky to notice easy ways to make money but his journey to success wasn’t an easy one.

IfeanyiCy Njoku is the Executive Director, Centre for Youth Development and Peace Initiative,
Blogger and Social Media Influencer 08067393686 08177868332 09099190504

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