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By Duru Kizito

I consider it very important to discuss this owing to the misconceptions amongst our youths.  How long a young man lasts on bed has become a huge concern to our young men that it forms a topic for discourse in gatherings of males.

There seems to be a perception of failure and low self rating amongst the youths when one does not 'last long' before ejaculation. Colloquially, such men have been termed 2 MINUTES MEN.

In a bid not to be termed a TWO MINUTES man, young men nowadays take to strong drugs, notably Tramadol, without recourse to its grave side effect (s), just to impress a ladyon bed.

Naturally, scientifically, medically and biologically, there is no exact minute(a) a man should last on bed. That Mr Vitus Nduji lasted for twenty minutes while Mr Darlington Flowrymz Ibekwe manage to hold on to 5-7 minutes does not mean that Vitus is a better man or super hero, especially when Darlington has been proven medically fit.

Importantly, there is always a second chance. The first round of everything is always shitty- it's a learning rope. We always learn on the job. The first round is filled with excitement and with it comes anxiety and hasty arrival. But that cannot be said of the second, and if you're an extremist, third round. You grow stronger with the rounds. This is natural.

Selfishly, when young men discuss this issue, they do not consider the satisfaction of the their female counterparts. For these young men, their interest is more on having sex and lasting long than making love. While sex has to do with penetration and ejaculation without considerations to your partner, love making concentrates more on appealing to the emotions of both parties, leaving them satisfied and fulfilled after the exercise. The difference between having sex and making love is, in sex, you can last for hours without the girl experiencing sexually transfiguration (orgasm), whereas in love making, the lady would have reached the climax of mind blowing sensation before even the penetration, making long you pushed before ejaculation inconsequential. Love making is wholistic and all inclusive. It is an art and just like all arts, creativity is the watchword.

Please stop taking supplements to last long, you don't necessarily need it. What you need is the knowledge of loving making. If you like, go and take Aki Hause, Coconut and debino to last for hours, if you don't learn how to minister to a lady's soul before, during and after close door meeting, she will leave you for another guy.

I rest my case.

Duru Kizito writes from Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri

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