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The rave of the moment and Young Progressive Party, YPP, governorship candidate, Dr Linus Okorie and his running mate, Hon Ugochukwu Aguguam campaign train stopped at Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State after a successful tour of Owerri North and Owerri West LGA's.
In thanking the good people of Mbaitoli LGA for their massive support and endorsement, the human capacity development and leadership coach, Dr Linus Okorie of the  Young Progressive Party promised to develop Imo and creative a productive skill manpower and conducive environment for commerce and industry.
Dr Okorie while canvassing for support from the most populous local government area of Imo State said "In Imo state, we are asking you to vote for a world class Imo with endless possibilities by voting for the candidature of  Dr Linus Okorie/Hon Ugochukwu Aguguam".

Speaking Okorie said "All over the country, as politicians of the Old Order are loosing their seats, we can hear what the people are saying and they are saying it very clearly:  We want a New Beginning."
"You know, many people are going to throw the weak argument and weak question, "but YPP is unpopular " at your face. Yet the real question here is simple: what have the popular ones done for Imo state?
New does not mean unpopular. It means exactly what it is: new and different."
Dr Okorie reiterated, "this is the time when voters in Imo state must take a position that is neither popular  nor political. This is the time when Ndi Imo must make a choice because their conscience tells them that  it is the right thing to do for a world class imo with endless possibilities to be real in the lives of our people.
"Anyone who tells you to vote for the popular parties is actually telling you "to follow what is popular and not what is right." And they can only say that to you because they think that you are unable to think for yourself."
The former Student Union President of Imo State University, stated that "Indeed, where we are today, It is no longer a choice between the  politics of the past and the politics of the future. It is not even a choice between the Old Order and the New Order.  It is a choice for either a New Order or No Future. That is where we are today.
And as we embark on the last lap of our campaign,  we are going to remind the real voters in the villages and towns once again that a New Imo Is Possible.",
#VoteYPP with Open Door as Logo!
Vote Dr Linus Okorie for Governor!!
Vote Hon Aguguam Ugochukwu for Deputy Governor!!!

IfeanyiCy Njoku reports


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