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Today, tuesday 13th November 2018, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the 2019 Imo governorship election, Hon Nkemakolam Emeka Ihedioha while answering questions to a Channels TV Sunrise Daily, spoke his mind on wide range of issues as regards governance, politics and Imo development amongst others.
Here are some of the points Ifeanyicy.com takes from his engaging television interactions.
"What we have in Imo is infrastructural decay and institutional decadence."
" I am known to be a man with clear sense of purpose... I am aware of the challenges...My footprints are there in the sands of time".
" It is about liberation of the State, liberation of the people, giving the people a sense of purpose"
" What I bring on the table is credibility. I came with a bag full of credibility...I understand the topography, I understand the geography, I understand the history".
" What is certain and sure is that Imo PDP have a credible candidate. The show of solidarity, the show of support cuts across every group"
" I am not a zonal candidate. My support base is huge and cuts across the entire State. We are good to go...Imo people are poised to support me...I am bringing character into government"".
" You have to think deep and look into your inner resource...Imo people know us. We are known for different reasons. I am unfazed by the choice of candidates...There is a concentrated goodwill and near  consensus that I shall be the next Governor of Imo State".
" The health sector is in a state of coma. Everything is gone. No public water supply in my State. Our State is about the worst governed State in the country...I will put in place structures that are verifiable....Most things in the state our shrouded in mistery and secrecy".
"I am getting to know Imo People, like they are getting to know me better. In the past, I was defined by others"...
"Imo people know us. Hope is well known , Ohakim is well known, Araraume is well known, Ihedioha is well known and Imo people know us for various reasons"
" part of what I'm going to do is to re-engineer palm production"
"There is no pretense in governance..Imo state is among the worst governed states in Nigeria."
"Our Imo people are very industrious and hardworking but lack direction of purposefulness, I'm coming to bring purposefulness to leadership"
Hon. Emeka Ihedioha...on Live Channels TV Sunrise Daily.

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