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Dress to boost your confidence and appearance. Everyone knows that when you look good, you feel better: You're more confident and others treat you with more respect. Your physical presentation should be on par with the quality of your work and the reputation of your business.

At 619 Collections, #8 Umez Eronini Street, New Plaza Ikenegbu, along Ikenegbu Girls Secondary school Road, you make choice collection of your loafers, sneakers, sandals, moccasins, watches, shoes, sunglasses, belts, caps, bags and cute dressing accessories.
Expect more than just a footwear, excellent fit for your lifestyle, stay ahead of time always.

Contact the CEO with this number 08164793985, for looking your best isn’t about vanity. Instead, it’s about investing in self-improvement. Keeping high standards for your appearance will help you feel happier and more successful.

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Link up with MD with Facebook ID : Prince Chima Oluchukwu


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