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Read the full text according to the press release from MacDonald Enwere, the Chief Press Secretary to Hon Uche Onyeagucha titled


Yesterday, Saturday, 22nd September, 2018, Governor Ethelbert Okorocha was 56years old. As usual he celebrated his birthday. This time around, he invited the vice President, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo to grace his birthday celebration after all efforts to bring President Buhari to the state for the celebration proved abortive .

The truth is that, at 56, Governor Okorocha suppose to be grateful to God for preserving his life. Some of his age mates are not alive today to celebrate their birthday, some are not in good health, while some are yet to attain the height he is today. For being alive up to the age of 56, Governor Okorocha should be grateful to God Almighty. Despite his sins, disobedience to the will of God, his disregard to the plight of the people, his life of deceit and treachery, God still gives him grace to be alive today to celebrate his 56th year birthday. Our God is no doubt a compassionate God who does not look at our sins before showing us mercy. Governor Okorocha had dared God in several occasions, he has shown insatiable appetite for power but God is still merciful to him. He should understand that it is not by his strength and power he is alive today up to the age of 56 but only by the grace of God.

In our society today, 56 years is indeed a prime age. Life at 56 should be a celebration of grace, but any life which does not have a direct impact on the people is not worth celebrating.
There is no  doubt that Governor Okorochaล› life at 56 has caused Imolites much pains .At 56years,  Governor Okorocha has succeeded in frustrating so many lives in the state,  at 56, Governor Okorocha has rendered so many people in the state hopeless,  at 56 Governor Okorocha has sent some people to their early grave due to his despotic and inhuman policies,  at 56 Governor Okorocha has put the state in a critical life-support , at 56 the Governor has subjected the people of the state in a state of misery, hungry and frustration.

The crystal fact is that any life that adds pains to the people is not worth celebrating. Governor Okorochaล›  birthday celebration in the state where people are hungry and frustrated is a mockery and caricature to the people.

At 56, Governor Okorocha is no more a 'boy'. Our candid advice for him in to seek the face of God and repent from his iniquities and ask God and the people of the state for forgiveness. He should desist from his life of deceit, treachery and wickedness and look unto God for a new life. He should begin to improve with age.

Finally, as he celebrates his birthday, may we remind him the words of Pope John  XXIII which says "men are like wine, some to vinegar but the best improve with age ", he stated.

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