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The 2019 gubernatorial hopeful under the platform of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, Chief Okey Ezeh has purchased the Expression and Nomination of Interest Forms to contest for the governorship of Imo State.

Expressing optimisim that better days are ahead, the Ahiazu Mbaise born financial expert reiterated as follows:

"A wonderful day as I obtained the expression of interest and nomination forms of our great party, APGA, to serve Imo people as governor come 2019. This marks the commencement of the historic movement to change the political landscape of Imo state forever. It's our journey to greatness. It's our drive to usher in  the rebirth of our state – to make it a prosperous land for our people.

The dreams of our forebears have given way to cynicism, even despair. For long, we have settled for the less. We have tolerated the misrule of those who abort our collective vision and abbreviate our dreams.

Jobs have been lost; our schools have failed; businesses have shuttered; our lands yield no more; our industries are neglected; infrastructure has decayed; and there is a sapping of confidence amongst our people, a nagging fear that we are fated to our woes.

But the time has come to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin to make the future we seek. No matter what we think of the past, we must never be prisoners to it. Together, we can make Imo great again. Join me today."

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