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Honourable Tony Nwulu, representing Isolo/Oshodi federal constituency of Lagos state absolutely does not fit into the bookmakers ratings as the likeliest candidates  to govern Imo state in 2019
He doesn't have much money and has not garnered multiple endorsements. His guber ambition and his campaigns wasn't hatched or borne on the corridors of Aso Rock, like some we know.

Then what's making him the most likeliest candidate for this great office is what you should ask . It is pretty simple: He has the heartbeat of young  people who are not only rejecting apathy, but also demand political inclusion in Imo state.  It was on this premise that  he sponsored a bill that has echoed throughout Africa and the world at large ."NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN BILL " is a bomb.That is his campaign signature across the African continent.

The Not too young to run bill, which was rejected in the house so many times,  today has birthed political giants across Africa. It gave a platform  for young men and women of repute, to strive for political position , with the sole aim of representing their people, and changing the face of Nigeriay politics.

He understands the enormity of the task ahead. It's no secret that the soul of Imo state seems up for grabs to the highest bidder/dictator. They've already lined up with their outlandish promises and likewise threats.  Some are threatening  to spill the blood of young people , all in their  grapple for power.

A vote for Tony Nwulu  is a vote for rebirth. I've always said that a people deserve the leadership they get . But Imo people do not deserve what they've been subjected to,  in  the past  few years.  The pain and agony.  A people led with no favorable policies and a flagrant hatred for the rule of law. A people Impoverished with no alternative and respite in place.
A city ruled with impunity,  while the blood of young men, and mothers were wasted on the streets in broad daylight.
We are a people conned, but for long?

The destiny of  Imo state lies in our hands. We can change it,or we can sit back where we are, and allow party lines and political thuggery  to rob us of a chance to right the wrongs we've  been subjected to.  Decades from now, our children will ask us why?

Evil thrives when good men sit on the fence. Don't sit out this one. Align with Tony Nwulu  and save imo from complete ruin.  He does not have the corrupt  antecedents of the usual crop of politicians we know.  He's different. He's relatable. He's a 21st century leader.  Tony Nwulu is the 2019 Imo governorship aspirant of the United Progressive Party, UPP.

He's committed to doing things differently.
This time, we will get it right with Tony

-- Vivian Dimgba


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