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TStv Africa

There's something every Entertainer, media personality and social media trailblazer NEED to know and that is, "understanding why you're what you are" and "having the mindset of enlarging your 'NUMBER'".

Entertainment is a game of number, if you're found wanting in the area of growth and expansion, then your number base has not been fully activated.
You must know that CONTENT is fire, CONCEPT is the lighter and CREATIVITY is the fuel.

Recently, so many people have asked questions like...

How do I engage my 'Now' audience for a more larger audience?

What must I do to be heard and felt?

How do I promote my contents?

What should I do to attract sponsors to buy into my ideas?

What must I do to 'UP' my social media game?

What's the best possible way to fit in, in all the social Media applications and sail smoothly?

How do I bring the attention of the government and other corporate bodies to the happenings in my community through social media?

Do I need school certificate to become a celebrity?

Would you love to know How to connect the dots of social media and the importance of hashtag, trends and contents?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we announce to you....


The hashtag is #IMOTHENEWLAGOS2018 on THURSDAY, 4TH OCTOBER 2018.

With lineup of 30 engaging, fire and thought provoking speakers (Discussants and moderators)
2 celebrity Hosts.

It is free and strictly for those who want to move to the next level.

This event is packaged by #JudeBonnisonMedia and sponsored by #OldEnglishBar



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