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A former governor of Imo state, Ikedi Ohakim, has said that he was not desperate to return as governor but was desperate about the future of the state.

Ohakim said that the state was in such a quagmire that needed an experienced expert like him in public administration to reverse the trend.

The marketing strategist turned politician said " I am not desperate to return governor of Imo State but I am desperate to secure the future for the next generation. I urge our people to join hands with me today and fix Imo, our dear home."

Did I fail in the payment of 100% of the salaries to civil servants without making any deductions like the 50% deduction we see today?

We didn't have a lot to work with unlike today but of the few roads we could afford to build, how many of those roads I built as governor failed within six years after construction? Are there not many of those roads today still without a single pothole after over 10years?

Did we not ensure a clean and healthy Imo State in compliance with World Health standards earning us the cleanest state in the federation?

Yet Ohakim did nothing.
Was pipe borne water not running in your house when Ohakim managed the affairs of Imo State? When last did water run through your pipes aside from the boreholes you are now forced to sink?

I want to ask you umu nnem nde Ideato North nde oma, who constructed that very good road from our Imo State owned Eastern Palm Univerity at Ogboko down to Osina and even up to Dikenafai?

How was Owerri Akokwa Maternity Home before Ikedi Ohakim? How was it during Ikedi Ohakim and how is it today?

Can somebody beat his chest and deny the existence of Osina Water scheme program or Obodoukwu water scheme program all in Ideato North under my administration?

How then can a person without proper information come to tell lies against my person to a very intelligent people like the great people of Ideato North? It shows insincerity and such a person cannot lead a people when they seek their support through the same lies and propaganda that landed us where we are today.

The administrations of Chief Achike Udenwa and myself were like the cash starved administration of Chief Sam Mbakwe. The difference being that De Sam did not have to repay the Paris Loan which the present government enjoyed our effort. My administration and that of Chief Achike Udenwa were cash starved. We begged for funds to work yet we did not fail with the little we had to work with. With the little available to us, Ideato North benefited as did other local governments. My people in Okigwe sometimes get angry with me for not giving them more as their own brother but I was not governor of Okohia neither was my government strictly for Nde Okigwe and as such whatever we could afford to give Ideato North, the same we gave to Isiala Mbano.

I don't like running people down or talking rubbish about them but I think after the lies spread against Ikedi Ohakim which has landed Imo State in the trouble we are in today, it would be very foolish of anybody to continue to spread lies against me as a way to build their nonexistent political profiles. They claimed Ohakim flogged a priest which Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka have today rubbished their lie. They said Ohakim owns the best hotel or hospital or shopping mall in South Africa (and yet cannot mention the name of this so-called thing I own) and after I offered them a free ticket to South Africa to go and show me this property, they are yet to show us. I even offered N1million to them to show us these properties in Owerri I own aside from my three bedroom apartment and they are yet to claim this money. They said I ordered the arrest of anybody wearing slippers outside his house and I asked them to show me just one person who was arrested. They claimed I said anybody without N1million shouldn't stay in Owerri but today with the artificial hardship imposed on our people, we know who actually made that statement. Everyblie they spread against me today they cannot prove but our people are today suffering for their lies. The stock in trade of those who want to keep you enslaved is lies. They don't mean well for you. Is it not obvious with what is happening today? Ohakim is the singular threat to the real enemies of Imo people that is why they all think that attacking Ohakim is the only way they can grow.

Anybody who hopes to lead the people of Imo State should at least possess proper information about the people you want to lead. Using Ohakim as the bane of your campaign shows a total ignorance of facts and total disconnection from the people. Can such a person hope to be a good administrator?

My dear brothers and sister umu Imo nde oma, we have suffered enough. I don't think we are ready to experiment any further with inexperienced people worse still with people whose stock in trade is peddling more lies against Ohakim as a way to build their image. Ohakim is news and anybody who insults Ohakim gets his 5 minutes in the spotlight but such a person can only lead you into far worse than where we are today.

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