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His Excellency Dr. Ikedi Ohakim has for the umpteenth time assured  that his desire to serve the people of Imo State again as Governor in 2019 is not borne out selfish desire to enrich himself or for any self aggrandisement but to provide credible leadership to the people of the state.

Speaking on Thursday on his return from a short trip, Ohakim said: "My desire to lead my people is not borne out of a desire to be called Governor or former Governor after four years. I have been Governor and no matter how many of my pictures anybody takes down from Government House out of a sense of inferiority and intimidation by my personality or tries to destroy every legacy Ohakim left behind out of sheer spite, they can never remove my name from history".

Ohakim further assured that his desire to serve the people of the state "is not about money either, because I have no need I could not provide for myself before 2007 and cannot provide for myself today. I do not need state money to build shopping malls for my children who are doing very well on their own neither does my wife have any interests in converting the wealth of our people into private estates. I am a very contented man which is why I sleep very peacefully every night in my three bedroom bungalow at Prefab which I have had even before becoming Governor, and neither do I have need to build an estate with money meant for quality roads for my people or claim people's lands with my sons or daughters in-laws.

"My desire to serve my people is borne out of my passion to save tomorrow".

He warned Imo people about the inherent dangers in making the wrong choice again, saying: "One wrong choice and we will lose our tomorrow. Our children will sit down and ask us why we failed them today when it was in our hands to save tomorrow. It is in your hands to save Imo State and that is why I, Ikedi Ohakim, has presented myself to you".

He noted that "It is not a decision I made easily. It was made reluctantly but it is one I must make for the future of our children. I feel ashamed inviting my friends to my home when there is no road for them to run on. Our children no longer use the showers in the bathroom and enjoy the rush of water because our taps have gone dry. Imo State 'akuola' engine and it is a fact we cannot deny and no propaganda can hide, no matter how they try or how many times they sponsor miscreants to attack Ohakim for saying the truth.

"The decay and destruction in Imo State today is not what we will leave in the hands of a learner who will take another four years understanding governance. To those asking for fresh hands, this is a fact you have to realize. Are you ready for another experience in trial and error after you are about getting out from such experience or do you prefer a tested hand?

"I have long since faced facts and I pray we discard sentiments and face facts. To save Imo State requires experience. To reposition Imo State on a path to socioeconomic development and restore equity and justice requires Ikedi Ohakim. Let's join hands and fix Imo for our tomorrow".


Collins Ughalaa, Chief Press Secretary to His Excellency Dr. Ikedi Ohakim.

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