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Congrats Your Excellency on the Birth of Your New Son from Baby Mama 

Ifeanyicy.com exclusively received a shocking but cheering news that His Excellency, the Governor has a new male child born in 2016 through his South Africa girlfriend, Zikhona Madlingozi who use to live in one of the Eastern States between 2014 - 2015. The baby was born on March 18 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa. The baby’s name is Aluphe Madlingozi ... (surname withheld)
His Excellency to ensure comfort of his new born, hidden from his Nigerian family, visit them often in Cape Town, outside providing regular upkeep for the child and mother, had also bought a house valued at $400,000 for her and a car. As I write, the young lady, supposedly the second wife of His Excellency is currently in one of the Eastern States.
The picture was taken a few days ago on their way to Abuja.

Ifeanyicy.com reports



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