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I, Ikedi Godson Ohakim, a Nigerian citizen, Christian, Adult male, Honourable Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Tourism Imo State Nigeria (1992-1993), Governor Imo State Nigeria (2007- 2011) and resident at Burma Retreat, Okohia in Isiala Mbano LGA of Imo State, do hereby
make Oath as follows:
1. That I shall seek the votes of the good people of Imo state for ONE TERM LAST TENURE only (as governor of Imo State in the 2019 election).
2. That in cognition of my privilege and informed knowledge of the affairs of Imo State, I have the bounden moral, political, economic, social and spiritual responsibilities to the people of Imo State of Nigeria and humanity at large, to challenge and address the wasteful, treacherous, deceitful, capricious, autocratic, totalitarian and perceivably draconian malady that has entangled Imo State of Nigeria between 29/05/2011 and the time of this Oath.

3. That my current mission will be nothing else but:
(i) To address the urgent issues of Economic Revival; Loot Recovery; Reconciliation and Return of Imo State back to the hands of God.
(ii) To liberate Imo State from the rapacious and capricious mismanagement of the affairs as well as the callous and mindless misappropriation of the resources of the state.
(iii) To Re-erect all good governance structures deliberately and ignorantly demolished by
Governor Rochas Okorocha.
(iv) To purify the system; restore our Christian and Traditional values,seek adequate closure on a discredited era; prepare the next generation of leaders and return our state to a more civilized brand of politics devoid of thuggery, gangsterism and brigandage within 4 years.
4. That I am constitutionally quali􀃽ed, mentally matured, physically sound, competent,
experienced and that I understand completely the “NUTS and BOLTS” of Imo State government.
5. That having acquitted myself in my 􀃽rst term as Governor who handed over to Governor
Rochas Okorocha, I enjoy a unique governance experience and institutional memory to hit the
ground running at the blast of the whistle, to rekindle hope for a future anchored on democratic rights, due process, economic growth and job creation.
6. That I wish to state categorically: that in my 􀃽rst term as governor, I conducted the day to day running and management of the affairs of Imo State with utmost probity, sterling integrity,
transparency and due process. That I obeyed all court judgments and orders and respected rules of engagement in the contract system, without exposing the state to any commercial risks. That I consulted extensively and worked harmoniously with all stakeholders in the state. That as a result, there was no judgment debts against my administration, no contract failed and no contractor made away with tax payers money in spite of the fact that we deliberately stimulated the economy and created wealth in the State by deploying over 2000 local small-scale contractors for projects and infrastructure maintenance scheme in the 305 wards, that in turn employed over 60,000
strong local workforce.
7. That I state for the records that of the 88 Bills of the State House of Assembly between 2007 and 2011, more than 50% were my Bills (47 Executive bills) in promotion of good governance and due process.

8. That I state for the avoidance of doubt: that contrary to the live TV broadcast by Governor
Rochas Okorocha on Monday January 4, 2013, I never built, bought or acquired any of the
landed property Okorocha alleged belonged to me. That I still live in my 3 bedroom bungalow
in PREFAB area of Ikenegbu, Owerri Imo State, which was allocated to me in 1992 when I served as Honourable Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Tourism under an Owerri son, Governor Evan Enwerem of blessed memory, who later became the President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
9. That Okorocha’s allegation that I embezzled the sum of eight billion Naira (N8b) through
NWORIE RIVER DREDGING CONTRACT is a lie from the pit of hell. That the truth remains that the Nworie River dredging with 3 bridges was an NDDC Federal Government project. That it was one of the projects which I labored to attract from late President Umaru Musa Y’adua with the support of our National Assembly members. That two of the bridges in the contract, at Egbeada and Nekede roads had been completed before I left office. That for reasons best known to Okorocha, he neglected or was unable to follow up on this environmentally impactful contract.
Rather he has ignorantly or deliberately destroyed the flow of rivers Nworie and Otamiri
with poorly constructed culverts instead of bridges in utter contravention of the Engineering Design.
10. That it is also false that I secured the sum of one hundred billion naira (N100b) from the capital market and embezzled it. The truth is that my administration secured only the sum of Eighteen billion, three hundred million Naira (N18.3b) in 2010 from the Capital market for counterpart funding for the re-development of Oguta lake resort and conference center designed to create over 2000 jobs etc.
That Governor Okorocha when he took over from me, rebranded the Oguta project, “the blue
lake of treasure” and unfortunately abandoned it and withdrew the project fund of Thirteen billion three hundred million Naira (13.3B) from UBA and misappropriated it. His then Commissioner for Finance, Hon. Chike Okafor in his publication in the Daily Sun of Wednesday January 23, 2013 confirmed the availability of this fund and stated that they abandoned the Oguta project and
“…channeled the fund into building 305 Classroom blocks, building of Ultra-modern general
Hospitals in the 27 LGAs and some critical roads…”. That then means that the credit for these
projects should go to our administration not Okorocha.
That in total, I saved and handed over to Governor Rochas Okorocha the sum of twenty-Six
billion, two hundred and seventy-million Naira (N26.27b) excluding various investments
which he must account for.
11. That I wish to state for the record: that as a good Christian, I have forgiven anyone and
everyone that offended me and that I hereby ask for same measure from all that I have offended.
That I bear no grudge against anyone or groups and would never enter the trenches with anyone
for vengeance. After all, when Christ was cruci􀃽ed some 2,000 years ago, among the last words
he uttered was an appeal to God to forgive those who had nailed Him to the cross – a remarkable
call from a man who had been beaten, crowned with thorns and repeatedly mocked. Yet he asked
his father to forgive them.
12. That I state with sadness: that Ndi Imo today are hurting for lack of jobs, lack of potable water,
lack of due process in governance, 􀃾agrant disobedience of court orders and massive demolition of people’s homes and businesses. This is in spite of the humongous revenue of nearly one trillion
Naira (N1T) that accrued to Okorocha’s administration between 20/05/2011 and the date of this
13. That the invasion, demolition and destruction of Ekeukwu Owerri market in the dusk of
Saturday the 26th day of August, 2017, in utter disregard of a subsisting restraining order of
Interlocutory injunction by an Imo State High Court, leading to loss of live and property estimated
at over ten Billion Naira (N10b) is unconscionable, reprehensible, an affront to the judiciary,
provocative, irresponsible, reckless and ill advised. That if elected, I shall obey the eventual
court judgment even if it orders the immediate return of the Ekeukwu Market to its original
place to preserve our tradition and culture irrespective of what has hurriedly been built at
the site.
14. That the brazen, reckless and indiscriminate demolition and destruction of our traditional
markets in Imo State without regard to due process, without notice to the indigenes; and at the
same time banning street trading, is mindlessly cruel, has brought untold hardship to the rural
traders, and accentuated the economic hardship in the state. That all the markets demolished
by Okorocha and his co-travelers, shall be rebuilt at no cost to any community unlike the
Governor Okorocha’s Scheme to develop and sell stalls even to previous owners at
exorbitant prices.
15. That I am deeply concerned about the sufferings of commuters in Owerri metropolis since
Okorocha banished tricycle (KEKE) without an adequate alternative. That I shall return KEKE as
a means of transportation on my 􀃽rst day in of􀃽ce. After all, KEKE still ply the Victoria Island
Lagos roads and the whole of India. That I shall also bring back the Imo Municipal Transport
Service (IMTS) which was our brain child but scrapped by Okorocha, and fully recover the
company’s assets.
16. That it is manifestly evil, cruel and utterly reprehensible, that in the face of the present
excruciating Nigerian economy, Governor Rochas Okorocha still owes workers and pensioners,
including serving and retired judges, several months of unpaid salaries and pensions. That I will
resume regular payment of full workers salaries and pensions as I did in my 􀃽rst term, and
further improve them to re􀃾ect the concept of living wage, if elected.
17. That I shall ensure that money circulates again in Imo State, by pursuing a development
agenda guided by the need to encourage the private sector to participate and leverage the
opportunities to grow their businesses by ensuring that "local content" is maintained in
government procurement and Contract System. Indigenous Contractors shall hence forth be
encouraged and paid promptly for work done as I did in my 􀃽rst term.
18. That it is most unfortunate and regrettable that land and contractual cases against the
government of Rochas Okorocha have reached an unprecedented record of 102: That I hereby
guarantee that any person whose land has been taken away unjustly, including
communities and churches, shall get the land back no matter what has been built on it.
19. That it is sacrilegious that our traditional Rulership Institution has been debased, frustrated
and caged by Okorocha. I view it as a desecration of our cultural norms by Okorocha, that on one
occasion, he commanded the traditional rulers to mount a parade of honour for him, while he took
salute (which was covered by live TV): That on assumption of of􀃽ce, I shall take practical steps to restore the dignity of our traditional leadership Institution and free traditional rulers
to run their traditional stools without fear or anxiety as I did in my 􀃽rst term.
20. That I am deeply concerned, that Okorocha has practically destroyed the Imo State Civil
Service, to the detriment of all. That by forcing the civil servants to wear uniforms like school
children, Okorocha has stripped them of their human dignity and self-worth, contrary to Article 3,
of African Charter on Human and peoples’ Rights. That Okorocha’s order on uniform is unlawful,
dehumanizing, demoralizing, degrading, abusive and a willful injury to their dignity – crimen
injuria; That I shall on assumption of of􀃽ce scrap the wearing of uniforms by civil servants
and above all restore the dignity of the service.
21. That the local government system is virtually nonexistent in Imo State, since Okorocha willfully
and undemocratically sacked and chased away the democratically elected local government
Chairmen and councilors on June 6, 2011. Okorocha has since then been collecting all LGA
allocations and misappropriating same to date. That on my 􀃽rst day in of􀃽ce, I shall redress this
monumental injustice done to the democratically elected Local Government Chairmen and
councilors, by promptly obeying the Court of Appeal unanimous judgment in the case No.
CA/OW/215/11, Local Government Chairmen and Councilors Vs Imo State Government and
Others delivered on July 5, 2012, ordering their immediate reinstatement to of􀃽ce.
That they will complete their remaining tenure or their full entitlement paid and fresh local
government election conducted without any delay whatsoever.
22. That the mindless proscription of Town Unions in Imo State by Okorocha is unlawful,
outrageous, whimsically strange and unconstitutional. That this anti-Igbo and anti–democratic
action has done a great harm to our traditional Igbo leadership mentoring and development
institution. That in a well considered judgment in the suit NO.HO/1/2013,Town Union Presidents
Vs Imo State Government and others delivered on Wednesday the 21st day of September,
2016, the Imo State High Court dismissed this act of impunity and ordered Okorocha to reinstate
the Town Unions but he disobeyed. That by disobeying that court order, Okorocha has as usual
violated the behavior standards expected of a governor. That I shall on my 􀃽rst day in of􀃽ce
obey the court order reinstating the Town Unions and joining hands with them to declare an
integrated marshal plan to turn the communities into economic Centers to quicken the
pace of economic recovery in the state.
23. That the suffering in our rural communities as a result of the abandonment of Imo rural Roads
by Governor Okorocha is pervasive and excruciating. That Imo Road Maintenance Agency
(IROMA), a clone of the old PWD founded by my administration in my 􀃽rst term and created by
law No.5 of 2008, with brand new equipment and other assets valued at N12.5b in 2011 but
maliciously and undemocratically scrapped by Okorocha and all the equipment and moveable
assets carted away, shall be restored and its assets fully recovered using the installed electronic
chips. That our rural communities which are cut-off due to lack of access/motorable roads
will smile again.
24. That all the 44 schools I returned to the original owners (the missionaries) in my 􀃽rst term shall
attract special subvention for reconstruction and the salaries and emoluments of all the
teachers in such schools shall be taken over by my administration for the next 4 years. All
such schools encroached upon by any government agency, individual or community shall be
returned and the balance of the unreturned schools shall be returned to their original owners
without further delay.

25. That the newly opened “EASTERN PALM UNIVERSITY” in Ogboko Ideato LGA, Captured on
page 12 of Okorocha’s 2013 budget speech as “IMO EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY” shall become
the Orlu campus of Imo State University. That admission into all government tertiary Institutions
shall return to what it was in my 􀃽rst term, i.e.70% for Imo sons and daughters and 30% for
non-indigenes and not the other way round, which is what obtains under Okorocha.
26. That it is on record that Imo State radio and television corporation (IBC) is completely
dilapidated. Management and staff are owed several months of unpaid salaries and pensions.
Whereas, Governor Rochas Okorocha and his extended family members have built, equipped and
commissioned for themselves a state of the art multi Billion Naira Radio and Television complex
behind a prominent hotel in New Owerri capital Territory. This media complex shall on my
assumption of of􀃽ce become part of Imo Broadcasting Corporation.
27. That all statues indiscriminately erected in the state that do not glorify God including the
worthless and diabolical evil hand on Aba Road, Owerri, shall be pulled down by the divine will of
the Lord God Almighty upon my assumption of of􀃽ce.
28. That the 10,000 Graduate Employment Scheme in my 􀃽rst term was a well thought out
program, designed to create mass employment for Imo youths, reinvigorate the civil service and
deploy science and mathematics teachers to Imo school system. That the scheme shall be
restored and improved and the ban on Development Centers lifted.
29. That I shall cause to be reviewed the Imo State of Nigeria 2011, law No. 18 by Okorocha
administration. Section 5 and 6 of this law with particular attention to 5(b), which authorizes the
Governor to borrow money up to the tune of two hundred billion naira (N200b) without prior
approval from the house of Assembly. That this bizarre law translates to handing over a blank
cheque to a governor. No man is good enough to exercise power without reasonable checks and
30. That I wish to categorically state: that Imo under Okorocha has become an unpardonable
environmental disaster. That this condition is a crime against humanity under article 18 of Banjul
Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. That access to drinking water and basic sanitation is a
right to everyone and one of the sustainable development goals of the UN. That it is unfortunate
that Imo under Governor Okorocha does not have a drop of water from any of the state’s
1,395 abandoned water schemes. That most disturbingly, the state has equally been overtaken
by 􀃽lth to the detriment of the health of the citizens.
31. That I shall take proactive steps to address these unacceptable but deadly sanitation and
water de􀃽cit challenges by bringing back the Imo state water corporation for immediate
reactivation of the abandoned water schemes and also bring back our 􀃾agship programme, the
Imo Clean and Green Initiative which won Owerri capital city the price of the cleanest city in
Nigeria consecutively for 3 years (2008-2010).
32. That I shall ensure that access to quality health care by all citizens irrespective of community
of residence is seamless. That all the 46 rural health care centers built, fully equipped, staffed and
operated by my administration in my 􀃽rst term but abandoned by Governor Rochas Okorocha
shall be restored. That all the 26 uncompleted hospital structures (not 27) called general
hospitals by Okorocha administration, including those illegally donated to Federal agencies
shall be converted immediately to cottage industries to create jobs for our youths while reviving the old 18 general hospitals.
33. That as the person who handed over to Okorocha, I know in full details what I handed over to
him including land bank, buildings all over the country, master plans, monies, equipment,
investments and other assets.
That all loots, including lands and government assets, shall be fully recovered and all forms of
appropriation of public property, which records I possess, would be fully addressed and
individuals found culpable would be held to account to the last kobo, without disrupting
34. That any further experiment at this point in time, with an untested hand at the Governorship
level, for whatsoever reason, may spell doom, and may lead to a total collapse of the State
economy. Then, more of our youths will jet out, to be sold and bought through the ports of Libya
and other countries. God forbid.
35. That I am 􀃽rmly convinced that Imo State will face the most profound socio- economic crisis
post–Okorocha era. Arising from absence of relevant records, absence of due process, multiple
contractual litigations, creditors legal actions, bloated debt pro􀃽le, judgment debts, illegal land
grab allegations, assets stripping, outstanding salaries and pensions as well as abandoned
substandard projects and programs.
That the complexities of what will emerge after Okorocha will require a solid cognate governance
and bi-partisan leadership experience. A “Driver mechanic” like myself who knows the ‘NUTS’
and ‘BOLTS’ of Imo State government will no doubt be a perfect 􀃽t at this critical period.
36. Lastly, that I shall keep and ful􀃽ll all the promises contained in this af􀃽davit as a covenant with the good people of Imo State.
That I swear to this Affidavit conscientiously believing the facts hereof to be true and correct in accordance with the Oaths Act, 2004

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