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Driven by a passion to offer effective representation if given the opportunity in the upcoming general elections, a top flight House of Assembly hopeful for Ikeduru State Constituency seat, Chief Darlington Chimezie has advocated for an open debate for all Assembly aspirants from State Constituency.
Darlington Chimezie, fueled by uncontrollable pressures from his kinsmen and Ikeduru people at large has decided to hearken to their clarion call to contest for the seat come 2019.

A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, APC, who believes that the people deserves the best in governance and representation at the State Assembly, has offered to serve. 
It is of note to state that the young entrepreneur is the Founder and President, 'Faith of Darlington Foundation', a humanitarian organization that has achieved greater feats in the upliftment of humanity. He also doubles as the Vice President of Umu-Imo Connect. 
Reacting to an interview granted by an Ikeduru APC apex leader, Prince Charles Amadi (Charlvon) to Trumpeta Newspaper recently, Mr Darlington described the “open debate" angle suggested by Charlvon as a welcome development to ascertain the capacity of aspirants.
He opined that, for a worthy persons to pilot the different elective political positions in Imo State, debate will serve a better solution, hence, gave it an affirmative "nod".

However, he added that in support of the suggestion, it will be pertinent if the debate series be extended to other spheres, especially for all Ikeduru State Assembly aspirants under the APC family, than only to the Governorship aspirants. 
Similarly, the business mogul tasked all aspirants on selfless service, positing that election shouldn't be seen as a do or die affair, but an opportunity to render effective service.
Meanwhile, this Ifeanyicy.com authoritatively gathered that several people especially those of Ikeduru extraction who have been relieved of their financial, medical, education burden by Darlington, and enjoying the philanthropic dispositions of the young 'employer of labour".
Reassuring for better days if elected, Chimezie averred, “A vote for my candidacy and for APC will assure for effective representation and better livelihood. Let's all get it right."


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