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Governor Rochas Okorocha has said that the State would Conduct the Local Government election in June, 2018 to elect Local Government Chairmen and Councillors and has also requested that the State House of Assembly tidy up the Local Government laws without delay for the June election.

The governor spoke at the Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport, on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 on arrival from few days Oversea tour stating that the APC is weak in the South-East and he would now take the needed steps to strengthen the party in the zone and also inject life into President Muhammadu Buhari’s Campaign structures in the South-East.

According to the governor, the endorsements given to President Buhari for 2019 in the State and that of Uche Nwosu for the governorship in the State stand, challenging those opposed to the endorsements to present their own aspirants or Candidates if they think they have better options.

His words “Let those criticizing these endorsements present their own aspirants or Candidates if they think or feel that what they have is better than what we have endorsed so that the people can look at the whole of them and make their choice. You don’t criticize an action you do not have a better option”.

He Continued, “The APC Primary in Imo is going to be very transparent. It is going to be open. The world will be made to watch it. There will be no short-cut. Anybody who wins the Primary becomes the Candidate of the Party. And the whole noise about Uche Nwosu is because he is the best of all those talking about the governorship in the State at the moment”.

The governor reiterated “Rescue Mission government in the State is on course. I have no apologies endorsing President Buhari for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and no apologies accepting the endorsements of all the local governments of Imo State for Ugwumba Nwosu”.

“My joy will be to see a capable hand, a leader who will continue from where I stopped. It is obvious that people have misrepresented facts in this part of the world. If democracy is to remain democracy in Imo State and Nigeria there is nothing unconstitutional that we have done in the course of our endorsement”, he stated.

He further stated “The Constitution is very clear, and it is a guiding principle upon which all democratic activities rotate. Our endorsement is not unconstitutional as the constitution has stipulated what a Candidate must possess. Our Candidate or aspirant possesses those qualities; so there is nothing unconstitutional in what we are doing in rescue mission of Imo State”.

Hear him “If I had chosen somebody else, maybe they would have been happy because they will believe they will defeat the person but there is something about Uche Nwosu that is scaring them, that if Uche starts, they may lose out. Let me advise all the Political Parties and all oppositions, internal and external, to please present us as a matter of urgency, their own Candidate who is better than our own Candidate so that the Imo people will chose who is a better candidate”.

Sam Onwuemeodo

Chief Press Secretary to the Governor

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