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A mass brawl erupted between wedding guests after the bride's father-in-law forcibly kissed her on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Shocking footage shows the drunk man pulling his son's bride towards himself for a snog as horrified wedding guests looked on.
Members of both families then brawled in the middle of the lavish ceremony in the city of Yancheng in eastern China's Jiangsu province.

The wedding appeared to be going well until the blushing bride stepped onto the stage with her new father-in-law in front of the guests.

She looked uncomfortable as the older man put his arm around her but then he suddenly step in front of his daughter-in-law and kissed her on the mouth.

The wedding DJ can be heard shouting out in surprise as she struggled to break free from her new father-in-law’s grasp.

Howls of outrage can be heard from some guests while others clap and cheer.
Another video shows the aftermath with members of the bride's family rushing the stage and attacking the dirty dad-in-law.

The violence spilled into the foyer as members of both families brawled while woman cried and shouted in the background.

Police investigated the incident and confirmed the brawl had taken place on February 22.

The footage proved popular on social media and video-sharing platforms which prompted the families to come together to release a joint plea.

They said: "We didn’t expect the incident to take such a negative turn. The two families are now in an awkward position and the newly-weds have suffered because of it too.

"The father-in-law, who was given too much to drink on his son’s big day, deeply regrets his actions. We ask social media users to stop sharing the videos and let our family sort this out privately.

"We do not wish to become famous, nor do we want to become the butt of every person’s joke. Had this happened in your family, would you be sharing it like this?"

Source: The Sun UK

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