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A student of Abia State University, Uturu, identified as Willson Chukwudi has reportedly committed suicide, as he took his own life due to his inability to graduate from the school for over two years.

It was gathered online that the young man's hope of graduation this session was dashed after the Abia State Government ordered the university authorities to bar students who could not pay their school fees from writing exams.

The government's action was widely condemned by the general public considering the fact that the Abia State government is currently owing civil servants several months salary backlog which made it impossible for parents to pay the fees.

Some of Wilson's friends in school took to Facebook to mourn him.

One njoku wrote; ”Today was a very bad day for me, I feel so empty and keep on asking myself while life is so unfair. I never imagined that I will hear such story today.

Oh my God why?

"Hmmmm Willson Chukwudi why did you do this to us,you broke our heart and made us wonder why you will take away your own life, you didn’t remember all the sufferings of your parents and people who are hopeful because of your life, for whatever you went through is not worth taking your own Life.

"We your colleagues can’t stop crying over this bad incident, if we had seen this coming believe."

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