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Some Nigerians are never short of criticisms. They will always criticise no matter what you do. As of yesterday, news came out that special units of the armed forces had gone into Benue, Nasarawa and Taraba states. So why is that criticism still coming up? The president himself, when I engaged with him, told me that the easiest way to first tackle the matter is through the police because the police are in the 774 local governments of the country. So, that’s the first step in tackling the problem and that was why he ordered the IG of police to go into Benue. So if the IG now needs further help, he will say so and other forces will join. But that wasn’t the case in Abia when…
Abia was a training exercise. Don’t forget. You are a journalist, you are a chronicler of history. Military was not sent into Abia to quell any riot or any blood-letting or anything. It was a training exercise for the military which they do from time to time in different places. Operation Python Dance was a training exercise. It was in the process of that training that some people confronted them and it led to what happened. So, it was not that they were deployed to Abia to quell anything.


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