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A TSTV Ambassador and a concerned citizen of Imo State, Alvan Chinaka, has written an open letter to Hon. Chika Madumere.

Recall that there is already news making waves on Hon. Madumere's plan to share One Million naira to about 200 Nkwerre State Constituency Students who are are schooling in five higher institutions in the state as a form of bursary.

Now, below is the humble opinion of the Ambassador and we hope the Honourable reads it:

"Dear Hon. Chika Madumere, i want to congratulate you on your recent move (thought), to share the sum of N1,000,000 to Nkwerre State Constituency Students, who are schooling in the five (5) higher institutions in the state as a form of bursary.
Sir, i must say that you really had a good thought however, there are things that i will love to point out and chip in. Sir, the list released by one of your media aides, has about 115 names. He also said that the list will gradually be updated, meaning that with time, we will have up to 200 names.
Sir, if you share 1,000,000 among 200 students, each will receive N5,000. This is a good sum, which can secure at least one handout and some one-meal items. However, i think there are better ways, by which N1M could have been utilized properly.
Sir, if i am to suggest, i would asked that you push in this money into skill acquisition. Get a hall or building in your constituency, brand it a "Skill Acquisition Centre", let the students be taught in their vacations, skills that can fetch them money while in school and after school. Let them develop their skills. Let them be useful and financially independent. You can involve the services of some small scale paint industries, solar system companies, interior decoration services, shoe making industries (we have one at Nweke Nkwerre, in your constituency)
Sir, do you know what? If you secure a sound "Skill Acquisition Centre", you will not end up empowering the students alone, rather you have helped in securing destinies and scraping unemployment. You will end up empowering minds and getting many people busy. Some of the jobless youths that moves around in your constituency( our constituency), will now have things to do.
If you do this, you will end up winning the war against unemployment and cancerous growth of social vices. If this will be implemented, you will eventually make posterity your friend, and it will smile at you any time.
Finally, money shared can be forgotten over a period of time, but legacy laid, will stand the test of time.
This is my humble opinion.
- Alvan Chinaka (07034715245)
I write from Amorji Agbomiri Village, Nkwerre."

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