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The rivalry between former Chairman of Imo State chapter of Actors Guild of Nigeria Mr. Umez Chibueze Nnanna Conac and Mr. Chikodi Nwafor F. aka Mopol will never end as both men resumed their usual attacks and counterattacks, after the later was sworn in as the Vice Chairman today.
Speaking to Ifeanyicy.com after the event which took at Bongo Center, Mopol said that the first thing their administration will do is to save the guild from what he called ‘Conac’s bad administration’.
He then said that Conac stagnated AGN and does not have a single record for both members and money.
“He does not have a single record for anything, but he must account for everything he has embezzled”, he said.

Mopol however admitted that their administration will be willing to work with Conac and every other person who wants to join forces with them to build the guild in Imo State, but that will be after Conac must have ‘accounted’ for everything.
Mopol who was locked up at the Shell Camp Police State Owerri, alongside Ogali Emenike (New P.R.O) and Ogwa N. Ogwa by Conac’s administration, also saw himself and his allies suspended from AGN by the same administration because of their alliance with the Emeka Ike led National Leadership faction years back. He carried the bitterness of the humiliation through to his manifesto by insisting that if he wins, he must ensure that Conac Umez accounts for every penny he ‘embezzled’.
Responding through a phone conversation, Mr. Conac said; “He (Mopol) is talking trash”.
He further stated that Mopol has nothing else to do than antagonize people.
“How can he say he knows what he is saying; he was suspended and there’s no way he could come out to speak for AGN in those times”

He was recently recalled with other and now he has won, there’s nothing better for him to do rather than attack me”, Conac said.
On the allegation that he destroyed Imo AGN, Conac said; “If I destroyed AGN, what would they have inherited. I build the guild, grew it and that is what they are inheriting today.”
“If there was no AGN in my regime, they’ll have nothing to lead. He is talking trash and I don’t have his time”

One of the most prized assets of Imo AGN is the Coaster Bus donated to them by Gov. Rochas Okorocha led administration and it is still in the possession of the former leader Mr. Umez Chibueze Nnanna Conac. There has been talks on how the bus will be handed over if, Mr. Conac refused to work with the present administration as well handing over the bus to them.

-- Hardy Nwadike 

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