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For the past one week or so, I have been racing against time to see whether I could finish this article I'm writing “The fall and fall of Linda Ikeji and the rise of Instablog9ja, Gossipeme and Yabaleft”

However my super busy schedule have not allowed me to be great. I need to find time to complete the article by this weekend. Young people need to hear this raw truth which is this; if you want to be on the top of the ladder for a long time,  the winning formulae is simple;  be creative and different.

Who would have believe that in 2017, Linda Ikeja will be struggling to be relevant? In case you did not know, this was the same Linda that dominated and shaped the news 2 years ago.
Many of us can never forget in a hurry, the viral news of her Banana island property and the drama that followed it . That news trended on the Nigerian Internet for over 1 month before Nigerians became bored and focused on other trending news online.

It is that bad that her blog traffic as well has dropped, she is number 21 on Alexa from my investigation and the 6th visited news site in Nigeria.
Naij, Punch, Vanguard, Naija loaded and Nairaland have higher traffic from Nigerians at the moment.

At the peak of her popularity, she used to be the number 1 visited news site and only Facebook and Google had more traffic than her blog but today, the reverse is the case. Naij is the number 1 news site while LIB is number 6.
The last time I visited her blog, it was amusing to see a blog post she did, begging her readers to drop their comments after reading her blog news with monetary inducement but from all indices, that inducement is not working.
Instablog9ja, Gossip me and Yabaleft online are the new kids on the block and one thing is this ; they have succeeded in luring Linda’s former readers away from her blog to their respective social media page.

A visit to Instablog9ja on Instagram or Gossipme on Facebook will blow your mind and convince doubting Thomases how influential these guys have become in a year and how winter came too fast for Aunty Linda.
These guys did not do any thing extra ordinary. The only thing they did was that they were in tune with the time and were also innovative.
By innovation, they understood what the younger demography wanted to read online and simply gave it to them.

I can bet that the number of people who read Instablog9ja on Instagram daily which is over 1 million are far in number that than those wake up to read Punch newspaper every morning.

The key message here is this: Innovate your brand or die

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