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As shared by a facebook user named Pauline who lives in Lagos.....

'Please Rose Needs Justice .

This is Rose,
She was home, cooking, she came out of her room to throw out water in the gutter, when she saw people and police men running into her compound,and out of concern for her own safety she started to run back into her room, but the police descended on her, they beat her up mercilessly and the Agboju police station DPO himself hit her on the head with the police wooden baton and broke her skull.
Upon investigation,the police were pursuing a MALE suspected hoodlum, so I did like to know how does a female reassemble a male?

So later Rose was taken to the hospital and treated by the police for N16,000.The murderous DPO came back to demand for the N16,000 he paid for the treatment and as am writing this piece we have paid him back the money and he collected it.
Rose is in great pains, can't sleep and has lost lots of blood . Rose is just a young lady in her home and The Agboju police men came to her home and assaulted.
Please Nigerians we need the Agboju Police station DPO brought to book and totally pay for Rose's full treatment.

Please help'

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