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Following the investigation from EFCC, three governors are now in trouble for diverting the London-Paris Club Refund. Those governors and their cronies are under investigation, while some of those implicated in the mismanagement and diversion of the refund will soon face trial.

Recall that Governors have been pushing for the release of the third tranche of the refund. President Muhammadu Buhari is said to be weighing the request.

Security reports allegedly indicted some governors of gross abuse of the cash. According to a source, who gave an update on the investigation of the refund, all suspects will be brought to book.

The source said:

“As part of the ongoing probe, we have traced diversion of funds to three more governors and their cronies. This is apart from two governors who have  been fingered in such deals.
“Detectives have also uncovered another account opened by the Nigeria Governors Forum(NGF) where suspicious transactions related to the London-Paris Club refund have been found.
‘We have rated this new discovery as a slush account. This is aside the two accounts on which we placed Post No Debit(PNB).”

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