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A Pennsylvania man is accused of snapping a woman’s neck after she rejected his marriage proposal.
NBC Philadelphia reports Christopher Tucker, 34, is charged with murder and criminal homicide in the death of Tara Serino, 19.

Police say Tucker asked Serino to meet him at his Berks County home late in October. When he popped the question, she refused and informed him that she was sleeping with other people.
She allegedly made a comment about how he should “just kill her.”
Authorities say Tucker “snapped,” strangling her, breaking her neck and beating her with a hatchet. He also reportedly poked her eyes out.

Police say he then wrapped the teen in a rug and fled to Illinois
Authorities in Champaign County, Illinois detained Tucker on Halloween at a rest stop after he was caught attempting to break into a farmer’s combine.
He was taken to a hospital for evaluation. According to Morning Call, authorities in Pennsylvania requested that detectives in Illinois ask Tucker where Tara Serino was.

Tucker reportedly confessed to killing Serino, leading authorities to discover her body in his home.
Her injuries were reportedly consistent with the suspect’s confession.
In addition to homicide and murder charges, Tucker faces counts of aggravated assault and possession of an instrument of crime. Besides the hatchet, police said Tucker also used a 25-pound weight plate in the killing.

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