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TStv Africa

Keep slaying, we love when you do it. 

When you take in that shisha, we tap our friends and tell them how hot you are and want you. We will encourage you to drink and get high for us, so when we pound with our big cassava, you just scream "harder harder, faster, deeper" and won't feel the pains.

If you don't cook for us, we don't even care, after all, we have tastee fried chicken, Eltee Foods, tantalizer and the rest of them we can take you to. Fast food, it's our work o.
When you dress in that mini skirt, we love it, so we can be fingering you while driving in the car and even have a quickie whenever we stop in a cool place.
"Baby, I don't have strength to wash cloths". No wahala, straight to the laundry we go.
Everything has expiry date. When we have lost count of how many times the dick has dicked you, we move on to the next instagram queen, slayers, pepper dem gang crew, sexy mama and the boss chick queens.

Truth is, none of what we do to you or what you do to yourself is what we wish for a wife to be. Mbok, I don't have time to be thinking how my wife is slaying, with my kind of job that involves travelling almost every week and needs utmost confidence and secrecy. We need 1000 yards wife material, not 5 yards that you are.

We will leave you after the fun and marry the decent girl, who slays in Christ and dances one corner dance in the Holy Ghost. It doesn't matter where, but we will marry the homely wife. Keep slaying and watch time pass you by. Body go tell you.
Pls, I'm having headache. Nobody should come and insult me. Lemme come and be going. 

(c) Fejiro Oliver

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