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Ikedi Ohakim, the Former Governor of Imo State, has revealed that he holds no grudge against anyone. Chief Ohakim made this clear in a new Facebook post where he advised people not to turn other people against themselves.

He wrote:

"Any "leader" that tells you to fight each other, insult each other, blackmail and kill each other in the name of politics does not have your best interest at heart. Imo is for all of us. We all desire the best for each other. Anybody who tries to turn a people against themselves have no love for those people. Anyone that tries to separate brothers and sisters on party lines has no love for the people. Despite our party and possibly religious difference, we are all one and anybody who tells you otherwise is your number one enemy. Personally, I hold no grudge against anyone and see everybody as my brother and my sister. No amount of blackmail or smear attack at my person can make me hate you. Loving you gives me longer life, good health, opens more opportunities to me and brings me into a better relationship with God. Remove the hatred. Remove the anger. Let's learn to embrace each other in love and peace. You'll be saving yourself and your family a lot of headache and even adding more years to your lives. God bless you."

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