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 It has come to the notice of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) IMO state chapter that one Nneoma Ukpabi has been parading herself as the chairman of Imo AGN together with some misguided people as her excos.
To put the record straight, Nneoma Ukpabi declared her interest to run for the position of chairman of the guild in IMO state,participated in the screening and signed the peace accord without being forced to do so. To the chargrin of all,Nneoma Ukpabi declared herself a winner in an election she conducted by herself at IICC,abandoning the venue for the election as directed by the AGNEC.
Nneoma Ukpabi having declared herself winner embarked on courtesy visits on certain personalities in the state...
Its important to ask
1 Who conducted the election that made Nneoma Ukpabi chairman?
2 Which committee screened Nneoma Ukpabi?
3 Of all the 5 chairmanship contestant with one stepping down,who did Nneoma Ukpabi contest with?
4 Why would Nneoma Ukpabi conduct her own election when she had earlier signed a peace pact when she knew she would split from AGN?
5 Does Nneoma Ukpabi realise that AGN is not an Imo state 'thing?
6 How many registered AGN members were present at Nneoma Ukpabis kangaroo election?
7 Who is behind Nneoma Ukpabi in her desperate move to become Imo AGN chairman by all means?
8 Does Nneoma Ukpabi know that she is attracting serious legal fireworks to herself and her crew?
9 Is Nneoma Ukpabi aware that impersonation is a jailable offence?
10 Is Nneoma Ukpabi aware that she and her crew are engaging in anti guild activities which the guild ultimately frowns at?

Its pertinent the general public gets to know the true position of things so as not to be taken unawares when the sound of the surugede begins to vibrate.
Therefore Imo AGN will not sit back and watch as few miscreants and power thirsty fellows beguile the Guild and rubbish our hard earned reputation as professionals..This the guild can NEVER take...
Nneoma Ukpabi and her cohorts are hereby in their own interest desist from parading themselves as IMO AGN excos..,. She has the inalienable right to sue the guild if she so desire or else the both at the national and state will unleash her arsenals on her group...
To be forewarned is to be fore armed.....
The local and national tabloids and radio stations in Imo state has already been communicated.....
Onye nwere nti,ya nuru.....Isi kotere ebu ka o na agba!!!

Chinonso Uba Nonsonkwa Vice chairman elect unbehalf of the Chairman elect Actors Guild of Nigeria AGN IMO state chapter....

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