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The said couple decided to tie the knot in church, in the presence of God , church members and friends. Their decision to get married seemed to have been taken on a whim, judging by their method of ceremony. The wedding which was held without any ceremony, costume or food was held in simple and ordinary manner. The guests were fed kunu and doughnut but reports state the atmosphere was joyful. 

 A wedding guest who shared the details on social media said: "And yesterday I had an awesome experience at Church, a couple got married during church service. No wedding gown, no Cake, rice, wine, chicken, soft drinks or chinchin.... We drank Kunu zaki, ate doughnut and licked sweets. Yet the atmosphere was filled with joy and happiness, we praised God and danced With all excitement. The bride was even more excited than the groom and I saw her as the strongest among the two." 

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