TStv Africa

TStv Africa

1. Proud and arrogant woman.

2 who can not let go, who fights for everything.

3. Who is possessive,wanting to acquire everything and selfish.

4. That has ego

5.worldly and canally minded.

6.who competes with everybody/everything available

7. Who compares and contrasts herself with other people

8. A woman who can not forgive and forget easily

9. That can not utter this sentence " I am so sorry " effortlessly to people.

10.nags and shout and shameless.

11. Who exposes her God's given body for public to see

12. Who cannot adjust to any situation of life

13. Who only delights in the life of comfort,opulent and riches

14. Who thinks she has monopoly of knowledge,ideas and wisdom

15. Who doesn't care about Godly virtues..

16. Who is weary in well doing.

17. Easily discourage and complain alot

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