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Popular Music artiste, 2face Idibia, has offered advise to Davido on the recent death controversies.  He advised that Davido should not to change his personality despite criticisms, adding that he should be more careful henceforth.

2face idibia speaks
He said: “When things like this happen I say it’s an unfortunate circumstance, nobody plans for stuff like that.
    “Sometimes it makes you want to change from being a jolly good fella.
     “You ask yourself questions like, should I hide myself or not associate with a friend or have friends? Should I change myself not to associate with people stop being a good fellow?
    “So many things come to your head when kinds of stuff like this starts happening
    “But two things are, keep your straight be grateful for friends and your creator
    “Henceforth just be careful don’t change your friendliness for nothing.
    “You know how people are they are always very quick to write your own story on your behalf.”

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