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Check out this handsome and dashing Nigerian lawyer who has become the Internet's sweetheart due to the attention he receives from ladies online. The new attorney who goes by the nameChukwuma Caesar is based in Broward County in Florida and is getting a lot of attention with the internet hashtag #LawyerBae

The young attorney recently trended on the internet with the hashtag: #LawyerBae with many women on the internet ready to risk it all for a one night stand with the well-groomed lawyer.
The ladies can't handle him being this fine and having lawyer credentials at the same time!!!

LawyerBae’s name is listed as Caesar Chukwuma on his social media pages, though it’s far more likely his first name is actually Jeffrey.
Chukwuma was admitted into the Florida Bar in November 2016 and likely works at the 17th Judicial Circuit Court with State Attorney Michael Satz in Broward County.
Chukwuma has 113,000 followers on Instagram and 79,000 people retweeted his viral Twitter photo with the caption “Walking into the courtroom.


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