TStv Africa

TStv Africa

By Emma Nzenwa

Ever since I wrote on TSTV under the title "TSTV; DOMINATING THE SATELLITE TELEVISION SERVICE PROVISION", it has been bombardment after bombardment on my inbox. People are so desperate to break free from the shackles of monopoly so as to begin to enjoy the numerous benefits TSTV has to offer!

They are acting on the presumption that I am a staff member of TSTV. Well, I am not! It's just that I delight in promoting innovations and feats especially those being championed by Imolites. Once the organisation passes our integrity test, we will not hesitate to tell Imolites and Nigerians in general to identify with them by embracing their products and services.

The bombarding response so far is an indication that Nigerians are tired of the monotonous status quo created by monopolists. They have been pinning for a better deal. So on sighting light at the end of the tunnel, they responded positively!!

There is no one who sees something good that  will not gravitate towards it!!!!! Check out the numerous benefits  you stand to get as contrasted with the monopolists' package! With TSTV, you are sure of up to 70 channels,  PVR function, Pause function, Video calls, hard disk for 50GB storage space, WiFi enablement and a whopping 20GB free data bundle for your internet browsing just with a token of N5000 only! It is incredible!!!!!

But why the propaganda against this amazing innovation? The monopolists are jittery as they are about to be knocked out of business. Hence they resorted to propaganda. They have galvanised their war chest and network of propagandists all for the purpose of aborting the innovation. Can you imagine that the Facebook accounts of some of the promoters of TSTV have been hacked? They are leaving no stone unturned to hatch their conspiracy theory!! This is akin to what Herod did as soon as a new king, Jesus Christ of Nazareth was born. He mobilised for the termination of the newly born to avoid being overthrown!!!!

Herod did not succeed! In the same vein, the cabals in the satellite TV industry cannot succeed irrespective of their conspiracy theories!! TSTV has come to stay!!

Nigerian youths should arise in unison and fight the cabals who has been engineering capital flight from Nigeria without giving us equal value for our monies. Let us remember that TSTV is indigenous. This one "na our own"!!!!! We must buy naija to grow the naira. Let us remember also that the Pioneer of this amazing innovation is a youth. His name is Echefu Bright. This astute entrepreneur endowed with special acumen has resolved to carry our youths along. Once he notices a potential in you that will benefit his outfit, he will reach out to you!! Ifeanyi CY Njoku's account of how he reached him buttresses my assertion.

For the conspirators and propagandists who have been citing scam, you have lost the battle already! Have you forgotten that if your assertion is anything to go by, the federal government wouldn't have endorsed TSTV. They were amazed by the impressive packages of TSTV and had to give them tax holidays for three years. That alone has proved you wrong and given them indisputable CREDIBILITY!!!!!!!!

TSTV!.....Connecting your world!!!!


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