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In the long video which surfaced on social media, Chris Ojigbani who is the senior pastor of Covenant Singles and Married Ministries addressed topics such as; definition of tithe, types of tithe, why it is a sin to pay tithe among others. 

Speaking on why it is a sin to pay tithes, he backed his teachings up with several Bible passages saying that the holy book gave specific instructions on the group of people who should pay tithes. 
He said; “When God gave the commandment of tithe, He clearly stated who would pay the tithe; who would receive the tithe; and the purpose for receiving the tithe. He said the tithe would be paid by Israelites (except those from the tribe of Levi). He said that only the Levites were permitted to receive tithe and also said it was for their service in the tabernacle of the congregation. God actually gave them the tithe as an inheritance. 

In conclusion of his long teaching, Pastor Chris admonished all Christians never to pay their tithes again; else, they will incur the wrath of God. To men of God like him, he pleaded with them not to receive their member’s tithes again. In his words; “If you are a man of God, please do not receive tithe again so that you don’t incur the wrath of God. You can receive the regular offering, partnership offering, sacrificial offering, but not tithe.” 

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