TStv Africa

TStv Africa

By Emma Nzenwa

If there are victims in a monopolistic setting, they are the consumers. In such situation, the monopolist dishes out policies at will without recourse to how consumers fare. Once their interests are protected a policy is considered ideal and suitable!

At the inception of GSM evolution in Nigeria, MTN and ECONET Mobile became the pioneer companies in the industry. Eventually ECONET began to wobble and misfire giving rise to an unhealthy dominance of MTN which later translated to monopoly! They therefore began to run roughshod of the sector.

One of the traumatic policies they had in place was "per minute" billing of N48. What this means is that you pay N48 any time you make a call below a minute! Even if someone picks your flash for a second, MTN would deduct N48 from you! Nigerians complained bitterly out of frustrations. But their complaints fell on deaf ears. That was all because there was no competition in the sector! The interests of the monopolist thus prevailed, held sway and was served without let or hindrance!

However, like a storm, another company came in by the name of GLO Mobile! One of the interesting packages they came with was "per second" billing which had been so elusive to Nigerians before then! Nigerians therefore heaved a sigh of relief and rushed towards them for comfort and consolation. And before we said Jack Robinson, MTN adopted "per second" billing in order to remain afloat! Moreover, the billing began to crash with time! N48 per minute at inception has crashed to about N9 per minute today. These and many more are the effects of healthy competition!

Nigerians should therefore embrace the emergence of TSTV as a welcome development because they as consumers stand to gain. So many subscribers were complaining bitterly about alleged violations of rights by DSTV. For instance, one of the most entertaining channels in their package called SONY MAX was at a time dropped by them. They refused to reintroduce it despite the complaints of subscribers. But few days ago, they reintroduced it probably as a brace up measure to cope with the competition triggered by TSTV!!

The young giant has done its test run in Abuja and all who witnessed it are elated and enthusiastic! The world leading news channels such as CNN, Aljazeera, BBC world, CCTV, Fox news, Channels, TVC News and many others are prominent in their package as well as Sports channels such as beIN for your live matches and other sporting events. There are too many movies channels, music channels, kiddies, fashion, science, and African channels!! On the whole, there are up to 70 channels packaged for your choice at any point in time!!

Everything about TSTV is so thrilling! Apart from innovative features integrated such as PVR function, pause function, hard disc for 50GB storage space, 20GB data for internet browsing WiFi enablement, the transmission is weather-proofed. In other words, even if it is raining cats and dogs, pythons and crocodiles, elephants and hippopotamuses, you can still enjoy the services of TSTV without let or hindrance!... Yes weather conditions cannot affect it!!! This in unlike other providers that would pack up and withdraw their services whenever the weather withdraws its clemency!!!

Let me break the good news to you! TSTV would commence distribution of decoders free of charge this weekend. About five thousand of them shall be distributed across the 36 states of the federation! Another good news is that you will enjoy the numerous services for one month free of charge as a test run, after which you pay for subscription!

Wooooooooow!!!!! This is luxury taken too far! You can't afford to miss out!!! Please log on towww.tstvafrica.com for details on how to key in!!

TSTV!!!!!! Connecting your world!!!!!!!!!


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