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There is this saying that goes this way and i quote, "The smallest coffins are the heaviest": Tears couldn't stop rolling from the eyes of sympathizers as 4-year-old girl brutally raped and murdered in South Africa, is laid to rest

The Talla family mourned the passing of four-year-old daughter Shaynice as they laid her to rest Wednesday, at the Klipspuit Cemetery after a funeral service at 3106 6 Belaleberg St Extension 2‚ Eldorado Park.
Little Shanice was found brutally raped and murdered hours after she went missing on Wednesday afternoon, September 28.
The tragic death had family members and mourners filled with tears and sorrow.

"God picked a beautiful rose from His garden, but she will always remain with us. It’s so sad but we know that you’re safe in God’s hands,” said a grieving family friend.
The Eldorado Park community wore green ribbons and scarves in support of the bereaved family and as a sign of remembrance for baby Talla.

“We’re so broken, it hurts knowing that someone can hurt such an innocent young girl,” said family friend, Sonja Bosch.
"When an innocent life of a little girl is taken in this manner we need to ask ourselves what is wrong with our community. There is a sickness in our community and we have accommodated it for far too long‚" said Johannesburg MMC for Health and Social Development Dr Mpho Phalatse.

"Its time for all of us to regroup and take a stand against social ills. It can't be business as usual. Things need to change in Eldorado Park‚" she added.
Phalatse added that the city will soon introduce programs meant to improve conditions in Eldorado Park. Some of the challenges faced by this community include substance abuse‚ crime and unemployment.


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