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Zuma spoke in Owerri, when he came for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Jacob Zuma Education Foundation and Rochas Okorocha Foundation’s College of Africa, on Saturday.

He said: “I am a freedom fighter who devoted his life to the fight for freedom of my people and Africa, but I have discovered that it is not only freedom that can change the lives of Africans, education is the key, as power comes through knowledge and knowledge comes through education.”
“The founder of this Rochas Foundation is a true African, one among men who have understood the problems of Africa and know what to do to correct the problem.
I boast not of the sustainability of this project, God only is the chief sustainer; I am not the richest but I am simply privileged to have the heart to give.”

“As it stands today, I have dedicated 75 per cent of my wealth to service charity, from all my income and whatever I make in my life as a successful businessman, 75 per cent of them will go to charity.
This African [Rochas] is different from other Africans; he is thinking broadly, he is beginning to solve the problem of Africa once and for all.

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