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You will recall that this young man whose picture you are seeing above was allegedly said to be captured with a woman said to be married  in a hotel and he was being beaten by thugs and later dragged out and information we had was that he was locked up in a boot of a car.

His legal counsel took to his facebook page to condemn the act and called and said it is now subject to a Criminal Investigation in Edo state.

This is what he shared on his Facebook page,

Brazen Impunity By a Lawless Policeman in Benin City.

Please be informed that the trending online video of the brazen abduction and battery of a young man in Benin City is now subject of a Criminal Investigation in Edo State.

The victim of the abduction and battery deny every allegation of amorous impropriety made in the said video.

The fact of the matter is as briefly stated here under. On Monday, 9th October, 2017, one Mr Nagbama Osakpamwan Eboigbe , A.K.A Smally, a Sergeant attached to the Special Anti Robbery Squad ( SARS), with an online history of acrimonious separation from his ex wife,attacked Mr Ese Idehen who he falsely accused of dating his ex wife with the assistance of over eight thugs specially hired for the purpose.

Mr Ese Idehen was beaten , dragged and locked up in a cell in Ugbor Police Station, GRA , Benin City. He was released the following day without any Statement obtained from him or bail application on the Order of The DPO who frowned at the brazen abuse of office and illegal detention without his approval. He thereafter warned the rampaging Police Sergeant to desist from using his Station to perpetuate illegalities and injustice. Mr Nagbama Osakpamwan Eboigbe claimed that he has spent millions in contracting his failed marriage and wanted compensation. The parties were asked to leave the Station and maintain peace.

Seemingly frustrated and unable to use the Police to perfect his illegal plans, on Thursday  12th October, 2017, at about 6pm the said Mr Eboigbe AKA Smally leading over 10 thugs and armed with assorted weapons including a Beretta Pistol stormed where Mr Ese Idehen was drinking on MM Way , Benin City with his friends, seized him, beat him up and bundled him into his personal Toyota Highlander Jeep with registration number AYB 518 FQ and drove off with him to unknown destination. Mr Idehen was blindfolded and severely beaten with assorted cudgels . In a video released by his abductors , later that night, Mr Idehen was shown being beaten, interrogated and forced to admit all sort of wrongful conducts he was incapable of doing. He herewith deny every allegation of amorous impropriety and challenges Mr Nagbama Osakpamwan Eboigbe aka Smally to show proof .

His abductors stole his money and other personal items and later dumped him still blindfolded at about 11pm closed to Ebenezer Primary School, Ihama Road, GRA , Benin City..

This unacceptable and brazen abuse of power by Mr Eboigbe aka Smally is very unfortunate and we shall ensure ,within the limits of the Law , that he is brought to book and made to answer for his illegal actions. It's a promise.

Jefferson Uwoghiren Esq.
Counsel to Mr Ese Idehen
13th October, 2017


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