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A Biafran Facebooker claims that Buhari and the Nigerian army killed Nnamdi Kanu and buried him. He further wrote that he is ready to defend his claims in court with evidence.

He wrote: 
Did buhari and Nigeria bokoharamic military men killed Nnamdi Kanu? Me Ken O Chidebelu said yes to this, call me in any court of law and will flush everyone, Nigeria bokoharams called Nigeria military men invaded saint Philip catholic church in ozubulu, that’s the same way they invaded Nnamdi Kanu house, killing every living being,hausa/Fulanis under Buhari’s command killed and buried Nnamdi Kanu secretly, yes I put it to them, if not all the Nigeria goons and kangaroos should give me account on how he escaped the presence of heavily armed bokoharams disguised as Nigeria soldier, if Enyinaya Abaribe dont know what to say, then let him rot in jail, this is democratic dispensation, we are not under military government, Nigeria bokoharamic soldiers killed Nnamdi Kanu and buried him secretly, simple, if not tell me how he ran away, narrate it to me, buffoons, archaic set of people living in their dream world,be factual, I need people to face me and tell me how he ran away, cows

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