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Actress Mimi Orijekwe with her husband at their traditional wedding in 2015

According to an unidentified source, Charles Billion is expecting a son with his US-based lover.

However, the embittered Mimi Orjiekwe confirmed that her marriage ended a few months after it was contracted. She said: “It’s true, we are no longer together. He has two baby mamas not even one and he has been begging my dad to make things work between us, but my mind is made up. No more going back to him. I’m doing great. My baby and I are just fine. Charles is not worthy to break my heart, so I have moved on."

My husband has two baby mamas - Actress Mimi Orijekwe speaks on marriage crash
Mimi Orijekwe's husband and his baby mama
This is so sad!

How long should it take between a proposal and the actual wedding?

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