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In my village, some people of no good reputation who are usually suspected of involvement in witchcrafts are usually the first people to attend the funeral ceremonies of those they are suspected of having caused their deaths. They are also known to shed a lot of crocodile tears. In the open, they grieve more than the bereaved, while, in their hearts they celebrate their success at reducing the community's population by one more soul.
Generally, it is suspicious when an individual or a group of individuals hijack the mourning of a lost child and instead of following the right routes in cushioning the effect of such loss, organize carnivals to celebrate such loss.

Our Lord Jesus Christ told us that the simplest definition of hypocrisy is when you make efforts to let the world see your little acts of kindness or righteousness. If you do not have anything to hide, sneak into the homes of those who mourn, condole with them and move on.
The PDP and other politically displaced individuals in Imo State have continued to celebrate the death of an innocent child- whom the Police have corroborated my earlier position that he did not die in Eke-ukwu market- that anyone who has some working cells in his or her head will query what they really know and are not telling us.
Meantime, the Police have confirmed that the Police pathologist will be in Imo State this weekend to carry out a post-mortem examination on the boy's remains and his family have been properly briefed, and advised to employ their own medical personnel to be part of the examination. Part of the things expected to be put straight in the course of this examination are:

1. What was the cause of the boy's death?
2. Around what time did the boy die?
3. If he died as a result of a gun shot, was the shot targeted or stray?
4. What kind of bullet pierced him? Etc.
These answers will give us a better direction in knowing those to be suspected of involvement in the boy's death.

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