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I was at the Imo State Police Command on Monday September 11, 2017 by 11:30am to answer the invitation of the commissioner of police, Imo State Police Command, CP Chris Okey Ezike extended to me through the Imo State Police Command Public Relations Officer, SP Andrew Enwerem, on a day second batch of Kidnappers, and Armed robbers were paraded alongside recovered arms and ammunitions.

Exactly 4-days after I left the police command when I went to cover the arrest and display of suspects who kidnapped and murdered Rev Fr Cyriacus Onunkwo, kidnapped and robbed Ace gospel singer Prince Chinedu Nwadike and those who kidnapped and robbed Businessmen Johnbosco Okoro and Njoku Mathias Emeka. What a difficult Job of a news hunter, as a blogger, with Ifeanyicy.com.

I saw a young boy within his 20s who was paraded as a hardened criminals, my spirit got disturbed, I paid more attention to him, I heard him murmuring, listening to all he was saying, I become emotionally shattered, I reached out to a crime news reporter with Punch Newspaper, and asked could this Innocent looking young boy be involved in kidnapping, armed robbery moreso in possession of General Multipurpose Machine Guy Live Ammunition  as alleged to have been recovered from him by the police.  As a crime reporter, the punch guy said "forget their crocodile tears and calling on God, pleading Innocent, you have not seen anything, they are hardened criminals, that's how they behave and pretend".

Yet am not satisfied, because of the suspects continuous shout of "am Innocent, am Innocent, God God God, see my hands are clean."  I was moved to reach out to him, alongside journalists from both newspapers, Radio and television stations, to personally hear his own side of the story without interference from Police.
What I discovered, through his responses. He told police in their report that he is 16yrs old, but actually he is in his 20s. I asked him were are you schooling, he told me, he only took NECO and waiting for JAMB.  He told his name to be Onyedikachi Enyiaka, from Umuogwara Ibeafo Umunumo in Ehime-mbano LGA of Imo State. He leaves at Egbelu Awaka in Owerri North LGA and arrested following a tip off.
At his house of residence, 400 rounds of chained GPMG Live ammunition, 2.6, 016 rounds of AK 47 live ammunition, one AK 47 empty magazine, one k2 camouflage bullet proof vest, one blue police raincoat, one green barret cap, one empty ammunition box were exhibits police reported to have recovered from a search in his house.

I asked, if you said you are Innocent, how come these live ammunition and bullets were recovered in your house, under your custody.  He said he is not the owner, that he is selling  them for his brother.  I asked again, how much do you sale one, he said, one packet is sold at seven thousand naira (N7,000). I asked, who is your brother, he said he lives at Maiduguri. What does he do. He said he is a Police officer.  Where is he now, he said I don't know. We asked how do you sell your bullets, he answered "they will call me and when they pay, I give them and they go".
It was at this point, my spirit changed and believed what the punch crime reporter said, don't look at their faces or pretence.
I was worried,  that this quantity of catch of arms and ammunition will be lodged in a house in Owerri town. May God help us.

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