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My attention has been drawn to several articles purportedly authored by my person, Charles Mbani in some traditional and online media platforms.

Specifically, the articles entitled: "Nnamdi Kanu: Avoiding the doomsday in Igboland", "Nnamdi Kanu will flee to UK and leave behind broken bodies and damaged youths," were articles published in my name the author in naij.com.

I wish to use this medium to state that at no time did I author the articles which apparently were written to ridicule the struggle of Prince Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am full fledged Igbo and will never work against the course of Ndigbo and those of Igbo leaders.

I do not support the military invasion of the South East and cannot imagine or contemplate the said articles, let alone putting them down on paper.

From all indications, the articles were the handiwork of mischievous elements masquerading to be Igbo but who are indeed enemies of Ndigbo.

It is appalling that the cowardly writer(s) were not courageous enough to have their own names on the articles they authored but preferred to use my name to accomplish their hatchet Jobs.

I view the articles as part of the propaganda by those who are out to give the Igbo a bad name.

If anybody is contracted to write on any issue, he should be bold enough to use his name without indulging in the criminal act of using another person's name who does not share his opinion.

Therefore, the authors of the publication and their media vehicles are hereby given seven (7) working days to retract the said articles and to tender apology to me via the same media for maligning my name.

Failure to do this will attract legal actions against the authors and their media vehicles. I have no doubt that at the appropriate time, the identity of the writers of the articles will be unveiled.

Charles Mbani
Executive Director
Centre For Preventive Diplomacy & Alternative Dispute Resolution


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