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The President and founder of, Uzoka Emeka Foundation, Hon uzoka Emeka, presents PEACE THE GREATEST WEAPON FOR DEVELOPMENT through sports which gives sense of friendliness, love, unity and togetherness among the youths and children and develop their team spirit. It helps our youths to develop mental and physical toughness. It shapes their body and make it strong and active.

In view of the above undeniable and incontrovertible facts, I want to commend and congratulate our brother, friend and philanthropist, Hon uzoka Emeka, for his good gesture in sponsoring a powerful football tournament in his Oguta Local Government of Imo State which is aimed at fostering love and friendliness among the youths.

The annual Oguta Youth League 2017 Championship will kick off September, 29 among participating teams in the LGA.

The community or team that performed well during the tournament will go home with prizes ranging from ; first Prize N150k, 2nd Prize N100K and 3rd Prize N70k.


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